Asur season 2 summary and ending explained

In Asur season 2, Shubh returns with the motive of starting a war. While Nikhil leads his team to tackle him, DJ operates in the dark. The second season is now streaming on JioCinema.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The world has been demanding the release of Kesar since the CBI’s case is based on a tainted officer’s testimony with no solid proof. Naina is seeking a divorce from a depressed Nikhil. On the other hand, DJ is searching for peace, spending his time in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

While the team is still recovering from their previous encounter with Shubh, Nikhil receives new coordinates that lead them to a new body. Kesar gives them hints that the body is a puzzle that the CBI needs to solve.

Despite coming close, Nikhil’s team fails to save the three targeted individuals. Meanwhile, Naina locates Swati, the maid working with Shubh, who is responsible for Nikhil and Naina’s daughter’s death. Naina seeks help from an initially hesitant DJ.

Together, DJ and Naina interrogate Swati, and when they don’t get anything concrete from her, DJ doesn’t hold back from killing Swati and pinning the murder on Shubh.

Nikhil’s team works officially on the case. DJ and Naina form a team of their own that operates unofficially. Nikhil’s team chases the man who must have triggered the pacemakers of the three targeted individuals, who died at the same time because of one common reason: cardiac arrest.

DJ goes back to Varanasi, hoping to retrieve information on the three people who escaped prison with Shubh. The two of them are already dead; there is one who is still alive and working closely with Shubh.

Nikhil’s team locates the person’s house who triggered one of the cardiac arrests. Apart from some personal stuff of Shubh’s victims, they find coordinates to another body near a lake.

Inspector Ishani Chaudhary, the new officer replacing Lolark, suspects Rasool Shaikh from their own team after studying the whole case. Rasool’s testimony is too perfect to be good, she thinks.

The ATF, led by Paul, takes over the investigation. Nikhil and his team are forced to work with them. More than Nikhil’s team, DJ and Naina are making progress. They not only manage to gain access to Shubh’s portal but also identify the code language his team is using.

It reveals that Shubh has a plan to execute an attack on Ashwini Nakshatra next Tuesday. After ignoring DJ’s orders, Naina alerts the CBI anonymously about this attack.

Informing the CBI also results in Naina being kicked out of Shubh’s portal. Only a person who is part of Shubh’s circle can unlock it again. To do that, DJ gets Kesar kidnapped.

While Nikhil’s team is busy working on Ashwini Nakshatra, Ishani continues to carry out an investigation of her own on Rasool. Her curiosity leads to Rasool killing her.

Ishani’s death brings Nikhil and DJ’s team together. Ishani had informed Nikhil and Shashank Awasthi about Rasool. DJ thinks Rasool is the third man who escaped with Shubh from jail.

Rasool not only goes missing, but he also kidnaps a vital member of Nikhil and DJ’s team, Nusrat. Rasool proposes a deal to DJ and Nikhil. They should send him his data, destroy all of his hard drives, and give him Kesar. In exchange, they can have Nusrat back.

The teams work together. Nusrat breaks free early. Upon learning that Nusrat is safe, DJ kills Kesar during the exchange right away. Rasool, on the other hand, kills himself following that, leaving the CBI with no lead.

An investigation into the body found near the lake, which is that of a woman named Shalini, reveals that the victim’s laptop had algorithms related to AI. Her algorithm used bots to manipulate the stock market. Shalini’s boss, Arjun Bhalla, is using bots to increase his share price.

The CBI can’t arrest Arjun Bhalla because it’s a trap. If they arrest him, the market crashes and the country suffers.

Meanwhile, one of Rasool’s drives reveals that Shubh has been keeping an eye on all of his victims and people who are his threats. He has been studying them for years and using AI to determine their next move.

It is understood that Nikhil, DJ, and the CBI were all Shubh’s lab rats. The question is how he is going to take Kali Yuga to its peak as per his plan. A video of Rasool’s goes viral. He reveals Arjun Bhalla’s scam and blames the CBI for not exposing it.

The stock market crashes, as predicted, and with that, the country loses faith in its system. Kali Yuga reaches its peak as there are riots, thefts, and people taking lives everywhere.

Using AI, Shubh is also creating fake videos, spreading wrong information, and just creating chaos everywhere, encouraging people to commit crimes.

Asur season 2 ending explained in detail:

Who is Anant?

While Shubh executed his plan, an 11-year-old named Anant became popular for his miracles. Anant stops a terror attack and wins everyone’s faith. People finally start believing in someone again.

Anant is Shubh’s Kalki, and it is DJ who orchestrated this plan. DJ is the driving force behind Anant’s miracles, and Anant stopping an attack was part of the plan. DJ met him at Dharamshala and was astonished by his knowledge of the world.

Shubh is looking for his Kalki, and he will feel challenged by Anant. DJ knows he has made an 11-year-old boy a target of Shubh, but he looks forward to protecting him.

Shubh does challenge Anant and invites him to a television debate. He offers Anant two buttons. One will kill the people who believe in God, and the other will kill the people who don’t.

Shubh says he wants to see who this God of the people will protect. If he doesn’t choose, both groups will die by the evening.

Does the CBI stop the attacks?

DJ decides they won’t choose. He destroys the buttons. Through one of Shubh’s followers’ laptops, they find out the two locations to be attacked.

The first is Mukti Ghat, where Anant’s coronation is being organized; it is a place where believers in God will gather. The second is a conference center, where the world’s renowned scientists will be appearing—a place full of people who believe in facts.

DJ goes to Mukti Ghat while Paul leads a team to the conference center. Nikhil and Nusrat, on the other hand, are looking for Shubh in a remote village in Uttarakhand. The body of the professor who worked on the AI with Shubh was found here. There is a high chance Shubh is hiding somewhere here.

Shubh has planted sonic bombs at both targeted locations. He appears on television and says their God wasn’t able to choose. The people there can choose their lives by sacrificing Anant.

People panic and revolt. Even DJ thinks of killing Anant for the sake of other people’s lives. Luckily, Nikhil and Nusrat locate Shubh’s hideout and find the button to abort the explosion of bombs.

DJ doesn’t allow Nikhil to do so because a sonic bomb will still give them 10 seconds more. He lets the time run out and only tells Nikhil to hit the button after spotting Shubh at Mukti Ghat, watching everyone die. DJ shoots and takes Shubh down, while Nikhil manages to save everyone.

What happens after Shubh’s arrest?

Shubh likes to think that DJ has lost. He still almost thought of killing an 11-year-old boy. DJ says Shubh is the one who has lost. He wonders if his AI predicted this. DJ believes there is definitely someone watching them and making sure that people like Shubh don’t win.

DJ doesn’t kill Shubh because Shubh will think DJ is freeing him. Shubh is arrested. After handing the divorce papers to Naina, Nikhil visits Shubh in jail. Shubh hints that Kali never dies; the asura stays alive in someone else. Nikhil kills him with poison and leaves.

DJ visits Vrinda Shrivastav, a woman who survived a poisoning at Trilok Dham, Haridwar, along with Shubh. She helped DJ a bit during this case. DJ finds Vrinda missing and discovers her paintings of Kali, which suggest that she is becoming like Shubh.

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