Aston: Obsession character explained

In Obsession, Anna’s experience with her brother, Aston, heavily affects her mental health and leads her to get into scandals and destroy the lives of boys who fall for her.

William’s affair and obsession with his son’s girlfriend, Anna, comes to a point where he asks for a lot more from her to determine the kind of relationship they have.

William intends to know something about Anna that even his son, Jay, doesn’t know. William’s insistence forces Anna to tell him about her brother, Aston.

What happened to Aston?

Aston killed himself, and no one at that time knew why he really opted to do so. Anna discloses that Aston was in love with her—not the sibling kind; he was physically attracted to her and completely infatuated with her.

Aston killed himself because Anna rejected him. The revelation shakes William. He wonders if Jay knows about Aston. Anna confesses that he only knows that he died.

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Aston: Obsession character explained 1
Anna tells William about Aston

Anna then asks William if knowing this changes anything for him. When William admits that it doesn’t, she claims that maybe it should because damaged people are dangerous, referring to herself. She says these kinds of people know how to survive. These words of Anna hint that Aston’s death has affected her to this day.

How did Aston’s death affect Anna?

Every time someone close to Anna meets Jay, they quickly realize why she chose him. First, it’s Peggy, and then it’s Anna’s mother, Elizabeth, who points out that Jay resembles Aston a lot.

The show doesn’t reveal why she chooses people who resemble her brother, but her fascination with erotic games that involve her being submissive to the other person may stem from the experience she had with her brother.

A dark revelation

After Jay’s death, Anna abandons William and stays at her mother’s for a while. During her time there, her mother, Elizabeth, asks her to stop making the poor boys who fall for her suffer.

She further reveals that she knew Aston was in love with her and was sexually abusing her every night until Anna said no to him. A shaken Anna questions why she didn’t stop him.

Elizabeth says that Anna looked happy to her and defended Jay by claiming that he was confused. An angry Anna reminds her that she was a child and she was confused too, and it’s Elizabeth who, as an adult, should have stopped Aston from even entering Anna’s room.

Aston: Obsession character explained 2
Anna confronts her mother

Anna bashes her mother and leaves her alone to go on a holiday. She doesn’t continue her affair with William and looks forward to treating herself by seeing a therapist.

However, Anna notices that her therapist resembles Jay and William, and when the therapist talks about rules, they remind her of the ones she had when she was with William. All of this hints that she may not have really escaped the cycle of hurting boys like Jay yet.

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