Ashwini Nakshatra in Asur season 2 explained

In Asur season 2, to take Kali Yuga to its peak, Shubh plans to launch an attack on the day of Ashwini Nakshatra. DJ and Nikhil fail to figure out what the attack is before time.

Shubh targeted two individuals: Shalini Swaraj, from the company called Bio-pulse, and Harivansh Sinha, a senior financial analyst and consultant.

Bio-pulse is the company responsible for the pacemakers in the bodies of the first three individuals Shubh targeted who died due to cardiac arrest.

Naina looks into Shalini’s laptop, which is filled with complex algorithms that belong to AI applications. Upon further investigation, Naina learns that Shalini’s algorithm is using bots to manipulate the stock market.

Arjun Bhalla, Shalini’s boss, used these algorithms to increase his stock prices. When Harivansh Shinha learned that Arjun Bhalla is taking loans by using fake documents, instead of reporting it, he and his friend, Rohan, tried to make money out of it by blackmailing the seniors at his bank, from where Bhalla took a loan. Hence, Harivansh Sinha became a target.

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Amidst all of this, Vrinda Shrivastav, a woman who knows Shubh from Trilok Dham, directed DJ to a professor who helped Shubh build an AI.

What happens on Ashwini Nakshatra?

Rasool’s hard drives reveal that Shubh has been keeping an eye on his targets and his threats for a very long time. Using the data of an app called Spell-notion, he accesses people’s private videos, images, and their day-to-day lives.

The AI predicts the behavior of its targets on the basis of a probability meter. This is how Shubh has been able to stay one step ahead of DJ and Nikhil. He is able to predict what they are going to do next.

Coming back to the Arjun Bhalla scam, Shubh knew the CBI won’t expose Bhalla for his crimes. If they do, the market will crash, and people who have invested their money in Bhalla’s companies will lose their livelihoods.

Ashwini Nakshatra in Asur season 2 explained 1
Shubh’s AI system

A video of Rasool from before his death goes viral. He does the job of exposing Arjun Bhalla and blaming the CBI for covering it. Once the news gets out, the country goes into chaos. This is the attack on Ashwini Nakshatra.

The stock market was the first step. Bhalla borrowed unsubscribed loans worth billions from eleven different banks. These banks will file for insolvency. Once this fraud comes out, people will lose faith in the country’s financial system.

On top of that, once they find out that the government has covered this up, there will be no law and order. Following that, people will become homeless, crime rates will increase, and suicides too.

This way, Ashwini Nakshatra accomplishes its goal of creating chaos and taking Kali Yuga to its peak, which is Shubh’s endgame.

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