Artan Kelmendi: A Day and a Half character explained 

In A Day and a Half, Artan Kelmendi, a man who is desperate to see his daughter, takes his wife hostage. Alexej Manvelov plays Artan.

Artan is a man who wants nothing more than to see his daughter, Cassandra. He arranges a meeting with his estranged wife, Louise, but she never shows up. This makes him believe that Louise has no intention of letting him meet Cassandra.

Artan goes to Louise’s workplace, hoping to talk to her about the situation. However, when he is not allowed to see her, he gets frustrated and pulls out a gun. He takes Louise hostage and forces the police to take him to his daughter.

A man who lost everything

When Artan and Louise had Cassandra, their marriage fell apart. Artan was not there for Louise during the pregnancy. Louise had an episode of psychosis after Cassandra was born, but Artan never understood her illness. 

He believed that Louise neglected Cassandra and made choices that harmed the baby. Louise had to be admitted to a treatment clinic, but Artan started believing that she had abandoned him and their daughter. 

Artan had to look after Cassandra all by himself and started cheating on Louise with a woman who helped him take care of his daughter. When Louise returned and found out about Artan cheating on her, she decided to divorce him.

Louise’s father, who never approved of Artan because he was an immigrant, then threw him out of his and Louise’s apartment, as it was owned by him. Artan resisted and pushed Louise’s father, who tripped over his own shoes and fell. 

However, Louise’s father claimed that Artan assaulted him, and Artan was sentenced to three months in prison. Louise won the custody battle, but Artan refused to sign the divorce papers. 

Artan believes that he became a criminal overnight, lost his home, and was separated from his daughter because he is an immigrant and because of Lousie and her family. He will now do anything to reunite with his daughter.

Making the right choice

When Artan takes Louise hostage and makes Lukas drive them to her parents’ house to meet Cassandra, he realizes that his daughter does not recognize him anymore. Despite that, he defends Louise when her mother shames her.

A Day and a Half Artan
Artan reunites with his daughter but she does not recognize him

It becomes clear that Artan still loves and cares about his wife. He is offered safe conduct to Albania, but he refuses to go without his family. He wants to take them with him and later tells Louise that he does not have anyone except her.

However, when Lukas talks to him and explains to him that he should be thinking about what is right for Cassandra, Artan sees the errors of his ways. He no longer wants to force his wife to go to Albania with him, as he does not want his daughter to remember him like that.

Although Louise tells him that they cannot be together ever again, she promises him that he will still get to see Cassandra and be her father. Artan now understands Louise and decides to surrender. As the police take him away, Artan, who knows he has made the right choice, smiles at Louise.

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