Who is Armand Gamache? Three Pines character explained

Armand Gamache is the primary protagonist of the drama series ‘Three Pines’ and he is based on a fictional character of the same name created by author Louise Penny.

Armand Gamache is the Chief Inspector of the Sûreté du Québec police force and he has a special proficiency for solving mysteries and observing things from a unique perspective.

He is sent to the nearby village of Three Pines where a series of murders occur and the seemingly innocent villagers have deep, dark secrets that make them the perfect suspects for the inspector.

A competent investigator

Armand is very good at his job but when he shows a more compassionate side to some protestors, he runs afoul of his superior and as a consequence, he is sent to the small village of Three Pines to investigate a murder rather than enjoy his holiday.

The inspector works well with his colleagues, Isabelle and Jean-Guy and also serves as a mentor to Agent Nichol and is constantly imparting wisdom and advice to them when they need it.

He has a loving wife named Reine-Marie who he sometimes reaches out to for advice when he’s stumped on a case and he also appears to have some deep trauma from his childhood which is closely tied to blue jays.

Who is Armand Gamache? Three Pines character explained 1
Armand is a very kind and compassionate man and a shrewd detective

Despite not being assigned the case, Armand takes a special interest in the disappearance of an indigenous girl named Blue Two Rivers and he does his best to track her down and give her family some closure.

The villagers aren’t the most welcoming to the law but he is patient with them and often sees past whatever facade their putting up.

The book series

Armand Gamache is based on the main character of a set of mystery novels written by Louise Penny. He is a native French speaker who speaks with a British accent when he’s talking in English. That is partly attributed to the fact that he studied English as an undergraduate at Christ’s College in Cambridge.

Gamache is said to be a very optimistic man who prefers to seek out the good in everyone and everything and tries to share those values with the detectives who join his team.

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