Arman Landau: High Desert character explained

Arman Landau is a collector who is owed a lot of money by Guru Bob after he was sold a fake painting by the former newscaster. The character is portrayed by Carlo Rota.

The first time Arman Landau makes an appearance, it is along with his daughter Heather at Guru Bob’s house while the guru is entertaining guests including one Peggy Newman.

Arman appears to be quite displeased about a fake painting that Bob had sold him and is keen on being compensated for this deception. Peggy walks up to them just as Heather threatens to cut off Bob’s nipple and they later stuff him in their trunk.

Heather does eventually cut off Bob’s nipple as Arman strongly requests him to come up with the money that he owes or face a worse fate than just a lost nipple.

He reappears when Bob is having dinner with Peggy at a fancy restaurant, wondering aloud why he would be dining in style when he owes a large sum of money to someone. Heather roughs him up before they take his truck as an installment on his dues.

A persuasive man

Bob works with Peggy to sell one of his forgeries and come up with the cash to pay Arman but when the collector pays him a visit, he has his bags packed and ready to go.

Arman Landau: High Desert character explained 1
Arman leaves the dirty work to his daughter Heather

He tells Arman that he has a buyer thanks to Peggy so Arman wants to know more about her first. After ignoring multiple calls and Facetimes, Peggy is finally lured to Bob’s house by the lure of oxycontin.

As soon as she arrives, she is grabbed and restrained so that Arman can ask her more about her supposed buyer. Arman and Heather use their intimidation techniques but Peggy doesn’t scare easily and reveals that she knows exactly who he is and what he does.

She also mentions how Heather is on parole and the activities she gets into along with her father are certainly a violation of said parole. Arman agrees to let her go after she convinces him that her buyer is real and will even provide some payment upfront.

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