Ankahi Kahaniya summaries and endings explained

Netflix’s new anthology film ‘Ankahi Kahaniya’ features three tales of love, companionship, loss and longing. The stories are directed by Abhishek Chaubey, Saket Chaudhary, Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari.

‘Ankahi Kahaniya’ explores three big-city stories featuring lonely souls trying to navigate connection, love, loss and longing. Here is a complete overview of the three stories, just for you.

Ankahi Kahaniya endings explained in detail:

First segment (Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari)

This story revolves around Pradeep (Abhishek Banerjee), a village guy stuck in a bustling city with only loneliness as his companion. He works as an employee at a garment shop. He arrives first and leaves last. Even at home, he has no one to greet him. 

His life takes a turn when a female mannequin is brought to the store. He falls in love with the mannequin. As one would do with a real partner, he takes her out on dates, dresses her up in the prettiest clothes, dances with her in the dark and pampers her. He even gives it a name.

Everything is short-lived because his co-worker soon snitches on him and it lands him in trouble with the store owner (Jay Upadhyay). With a warning, the owner lets him off but only for Pradeep to end jobless after starting a fight with his co-worker over the mannequin wearing a dress.

Back in his village, he meets his childhood friend. On a meeting with her for marriage, he tells her about his unemployment and his love ‘mannequin’. They get married and Pradeeps begs his boss to rehire him. 

Upon returning back, he learns that the ‘cause of all problems’ mannequin was given away. In a desperate hunt from one store to another, he finally finds it. After a long monologue about how lonely he was in this big city with no one to talk to, he found solace through it, Pradeep lets the mannequin go.

Middle segment (Abhishek Chaubey)

Adapted from a Kannada story by poet Jayant Kaikini (Madhyantara), this entry narrates the lost stories about the unknown people who merely desire to find themselves by seeking a way out.

The plot follows two young people’s lives as they intertwine via a single screen cinema. Nandu (Delzad Hiwale) is a multi-tasking usher in the theatre. Manjari (Rinku Rajguru) lives in a chawl with her parents and her brother and earns money on the sidelines through embroidery.

Amongst stolen glances and shy smiles, Nandu and Manjari finally talk when she forgets her purse inside the cinema hall after one such show. After a while, they decide to meet at the cinema and watch a movie together. The date goes wrong, Nandu has to take care of his sick uncle who has an impromptu attack and Manjari is forced to stay home.

Manjari runs to the cinema hall, first thing in the morning, to explain Nandu about what happened. To their relief, both of them had an unfortunate event. Following that day, they meet, watch movies, go on walks and dates. Until one day, they decide to run away.

Leaving early in the morning, they take a city bus to the out-station bus stops. Upon reaching there, Nandu buys tickets for both of them. They then part ways, both going to different places with different expectations but the same dreams of living a better life.

Third segment (Saket Chaudhary)

This story is about two strangers finding each other through their spouses. On her anniversary Tanu discovers that her husband is cheating on her. She finds out the girl and contacts the girl’s husband, Manav. Though he dismisses the accusation, he learns that it might as well be the truth as his wife had the same necklace that Tanu had shown him.

Thus begins the mission to retrace the affair of their respective spouses. Tanu invites Manav to the hotel she believes must have been the start of the infidelity. 

The two try to uncover the what-ifs and maybes together as they perceive it from their partner’s POV. As they unravel, they also learn more about each other’s relationship and how perfection is a myth.

While Tanu wishes to learn why her husband cheated on her to make her relationship better, Manav simply wishes to divorce his wife. After the trip, Tanu returns to a ‘changed’ husband and Manav to a crying spouse who is guilty of her actions.

The segment ends with Tanu releasing that no matter what she does to remedy her relationship, it still stands as a failure due to her cheating husband who refuses to change as well.

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