Andy: Platonic character explained

In Platonic, Andy is Will’s friend and a business partner in his bar business. He is the other friend, apart from Sylvia, that Will goes to when he needs advice. The character is played by Tre Hale.

Andy and Will together run Lucky Penny, their bar. Andy owns 24.5% of the bar, just like Will does. Apart from being business partners, Andy and Will have been friends for a very long time.

Andy understands Will, and he can deal with his antics all day. After all, Will is the one who got him his first job as a barback.

When Will reconnects with Sylvia, Andy comes to protect him. He makes sure to warn Sylvia to be careful around Will, as he is still moving on. The truth of the matter is that Andy also talked behind Audrey’s back. It’s just that Sylvia got all the blame.

Though Andy is always there for Will, throughout the series, Andy often hints that he looks forward to something big in his life too. Andy isn’t fine with doing well enough.

Much like Reggie, Andy wants to make a lot of money as well, but Will is stopping them from doing so just because he sees this bar business and his drinks differently.

Andy and Katie’s relationship

In the third episode of Platonic, Andy explains that he wants to make more money because he plans on getting married and starting a family.

Andy finds love in the form of Sylvia’s other best friend, Katie, who visited Lucky Penny with Sylvia. Andy and Katie keep their romance secret for a while until Will and Sylvia find them together at a secret party for Andy and Reggie’s side business.

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Katie finds Andy’s ring

Will and Sylvia are both left disappointed after learning that their best friends kept things from them. Eventually, Andy and Katie get serious about their relationship.

Andy plans to surprise Katie and propose to her, but she finds out about the ring earlier during their time in San Diego. Andy then wastes no time in making this official and taking his first step toward his life goals. During the finale of Platonic, Andy and Katie get married.

Andy betrays Will

Reggie and Will often find themselves arguing over how to run Lucky Penny. While Reggie, as an investor in the business, only prioritizes making money, Will cares more about his art and what the bar represents, and he is not willing to be a sell-out.

Andy listens to both sides and tries to reason as much as he can, but even he agrees that they need money for sure, which is why he teams up with Reggie to start a hard kombucha line called Da Booch without Will. He knows Will will ruin this money-making opportunity too.

After costing them the Johnny 66 deal, Will asks for his cut in Da Booch. In order to find a way to deal with his colleagues, Will takes Charlie’s lawyerly advice and plans to talk to one of them alone and bring them on his side.

Will believes Andy will listen to him and meets him to discuss business. Things don’t work out as, at the end of the day, Andy sides with Reggie.

Andy lets Will know that they never see eye to eye, and this might be the time for Will to step aside. Together, Andy and Reggie try to force Will out of the business. Will finally quits when he finds an opportunity at Johnny 66.

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