Andres Ramos: Never Have I Ever season 4 character explained

Andres Ramos is Margot’s father and a contractor who is called to Nalini’s house to take care of some long overdue repairs. The character is played by Ivan Hernandez.

Andres Ramos and Nalini Vishwakumar first come face to face after Devi accuses Margot of vandalizing her car and both parents are called into the Principal’s office.

When a termite-infested step causes issues in their home, Nirmala calls in a contractor that Len had recommended and it turns out to be Andres. Nalini says that they’ll find someone else but Andres insists he’s the right man for the job.

After taking out their entire staircase, Andres disappears for a few days until Nalini seeks him out at another job that he’s taken up. She accuses him of trying to swindle her but he says that he planned to complete the job the following week.

He admits that he is a bit spiteful and delayed the work simply because Devi’s accusations almost got his daughter kicked out of school and he wanted to get back at them.

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During their conversation, Andres learns that Nalini is a widow while Nalini finds out that Andres’ wife left him to take care of Margot by himself.

A long-term project

Once Andres comes back to complete the job, he and Nalini spend a lot more time getting to know each other. One day when Nalini says she’s excited to have the house all to herself, Andres tells her that she’ll get bored out of her mind and won’t know what to do.

He is proven right but luckily for her, he shows up that evening because he left his phone there. She asks him to stay for a while and they have dinner together while chatting about their lives.

Andres Ramos: Never Have I Ever season 4 character explained 1
Nalini shows all the telltale signs of attraction toward Andres Ramos

Nalini constantly finds new projects around the house for Andres to work on and he doesn’t even question it. Soon, Devi realizes that there is some attraction between them and pushes her mother to ask him out.

Andres tells Nalini that he doesn’t think it is a good idea because of the friction between their daughters. Devi makes a momentary peace with Margot that their parents can get together but Nirmala’s birthday dinner ends up being a train wreck and Andres leaves hurriedly.

He returns the next day and says that he shouldn’t let the emotions of a teenage girl dictate his life and says that he wants something serious with her.

After Devi leaves for college, Devi and Andres are seen going on dates and starting a new life together.

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