Ana Dussuel: Muted character explained

In Muted, Ana Dussuel is the psychiatrist who orchestrates an experiment on Sergio to determine his psychological state and if he is a threat to people or not. Almudena Amor plays Ana.

Ana Dussuel first meets Sergio during the investigation of his parents’ murder, which he has possibly committed. It is her first job as a psychiatrist, but she fails to build a psychological profile on him as he is extremely smart and has refrained from speaking since the incident.

Six years later, when Sergio is released, Ana, with a team of her own, takes permission from a judge to run an experiment on Sergio, where they will monitor his life and determine his psychological state and his potential level of threat.

To do that, Ana has hidden cameras set up inside his apartment. They also track him through the cameras on the streets and the button cameras her team members wear when they follow Sergio. The ankle monitor on his leg provides them with an update on his heart rate.

Ana’s relationship with Sergio’s mother

Ana’s team starts doubting her when they start feeling like their experiment has now turned into a mission to prove Sergio’s innocence. They believe Ana is taking this case personally.

It is later revealed that Ana once worked under Sergio’s mother, Blanca, and they had quite a close relationship. Ana was like a daughter to Blanca. According to Ana, Blanca treated her better than her own mother.

Ana’s mother never really cared about her and only used her to show off to her friends. 

Ana’s family

When Sergio is abandoned by everyone and is about to give Cabrera a reason to end Ana’s experiment, Ana decides to use her ace, which is her daughter, who is none other than Noa, Sergio’s adopted little sister.

After Sergio and Noa’s parents’ deaths, Ana and her husband, Beñat, adopted Noa. According to Beñat, Noa is the best thing that happened to their marriage.

Ana, on her side, never connects with her husband or Noa. She always feels like an outsider, no matter how much she tries to get herself involved. Beñat and Noa also always fear that she will find a way to mess things up, and that’s why Ana spends so much time at work.

Furthermore, Ana is never able to form the kind of relationship that Beñat has with everyone they know at Noa’s school.

Ana Dussuel: Muted character explained 1
Beñat questions Ana’s obsession with Sergio

When Ana and Beñat meet Noa’s class teacher, Edurne, Ana learns that she has lost touch with Noa. Her daughter’s performance has dropped, and she didn’t even know that.

Edurne also reveals that she and Beñat think that it has a lot to do with Sergio’s release from prison. The conversation gets overwhelming for Ana, who confronts Edurne when she suggests that Noa should see a psychologist.

Ana also assumes that Beñat is having an affair with Edurne, and as expected, she messes things up. Ana has even hacked the chats of Beñat and Noa to see what they discuss about her. It’s heartbreaking for her, as Noa fears Ana will create chaos if she shows up for her performance.

Ana’s obsession with Sergio

Almost no one from Ana’s team is able to figure out why Ana is so obsessed with Sergio, but Beñat does. Beñat suspects why Ana is showing up for her daughter. Most of the time, she is busy at work and hardly has time for them.

Ana finally discloses that she intends to use Noa to make Sergio open up, though she promised not to involve her. Ana defends Sergio by stating that he is a victim too.

Beñat knew that one day this would happen. All this time, he tried to convince himself that Ana is not obsessed with Sergio, but the truth is, she is.

Ana Dussuel: Muted character explained 2
Ana reveals how she relates to Sergio

When Beñat says she only cares about Noa because of Sergio, Ana doesn’t protest. She agrees that, from a professional point of view, Sergio does excite her.

Ana clarifies that her interest is only scientific. Beñat then points out that it is more than that. It turns out that Ana is one of Sergio’s admirers. She used to pretend to be a fan named Cristina and send letters to Sergio inside prison, just like Marta and others.

Beñat has read those letters. The feelings she has expressed suggest that Sergio sexually excites her, and even she suffers from hybristophilia, a condition in which a person is attracted to those who commit crimes.

After revealing that he has read those letters, Beñat asks for a divorce from Ana.

Do Ana and Sergio end up together?

During the finale, after hearing Sergio’s lies about not being involved in his parents’ deaths, Ana confesses that she hears him. All her life, she hasn’t fit into society, school, or her family either. She has been different too, and everyone thinks she is strange.

She says people failed to understand that, even though she is different, she is a person too. She still did everything she was supposed to. She got married and became pregnant, but lost it.

Sergio comforts Ana. Even though her daughter, Noa, comes and tells her the truth about what happened to her and Sergio’s parents, Ana decides to stay with Sergio.

Once Noa abandons them, Sergio invites Ana to the balcony where he killed his parents. One of them falls off that balcony, but Muted never reveals who.

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