Allison & Terry: Mayor of Kingstown season 2 characters explained

In Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 8, Mike spends the day drinking and meets Allison, who is mourning the loss of a person named Terry.

After finally managing to get Bunny out of prison, Mike left his phone back in his office and wandered off on his own, far away from the drama.

Mike goes from bar to bar to drink while everyone is worried about where he is. During a visit to one of these bars, Mike ends up crossing paths with Allison, who, just like him, is spending the day drinking away her pain.

Allison’s loss

It turns out Mike knows Allison. He comes asking her about Terry, and Allison lets him know that he is dead. Allison is one of those who have suffered because of the horrible prison riots. Clearly, Terry is someone she loved who died during the prison riots.

Back in the first episode of the second season, the show portrayed the impact the prison riots had on the individuals involved and their loved ones by showing how scared Moore was. While everyone has a way of dealing with trauma, Allison over here is drinking and mourning the loss of Terry.

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Mike apologizes to Allison for Terry, but she wants him to be sorry for her. She wonders if Mike is still playing both sides. Mike admits that he is on both sides and that he is doing a terrible job.

Why is Allison angry at Terry?

Mike and Allison end up sleeping together. Allison claimed that she needed this for a very long time. Allison then described how big Terry was and how much he loved her.

She had heard that the prison riots were a nightmare and asked Mike whether those riots were really that bad. Mike admitted that the riots were horrifying.

Allison & Terry: Mayor of Kingstown season 2 characters explained 1
Allison rejects Mike’s condolences

Allison asked him whether he saw Terry, and it turns out that he didn’t. In tears, Allison confessed that she is angry at everyone from the prison, especially Terry, who was working there.

Allison is angry at Terry because he has someone waiting for him at home, but he decided to be a hero and save the low lives at the prison. Mike then reminded her that Terry was just doing his job.

Is Allison plotting against Mike?

The next day, Allison talks to someone on the phone while Mike is still waking up. She confirms that Mike is with her and hangs up the phone the moment Mike comes out of the room. Allison asks Mike to stay and have a cup of coffee, but Mike intends to leave.

The show never reveals who Allison was talking to, but right after the call, Mike gets chased by Davidson, an officer from the prison. Mike and Kyle had warned him not to mess with Bunny, and Kyle had even beaten him to make a point.

Though Davidson gave Mike a chase, he failed to finish the job. Mike managed to kill him with a headshot while Davidson was trying to drive at him.

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