All-Time High summary and ending explained

In All-Time High, a con artist falls in love with a woman who is on her way to becoming a millionaire. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Youssef Bouahzizi is a con artist who is trying to win over his girlfriend’s family. The problem is that he has lied a lot to Yael, his girlfriend, too. She doesn’t know his real name, what he does for a living, his heritage, or that he is bald.

Yael has been planning to gift her mother an expensive bag for her birthday, and Youssef tries to arrange that bag using his tricks. However, this time around, the person he chooses for help gets fooled, and Youssef loses his money.

To make some more money, Youssef goes to Belleville with his friend, Zak, for some gambling. He not only loses all of his money to a woman named Stéphanie but also gets into a fight with everyone there, including the boss, Butterfly, and his cousin.

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After a disastrous meeting with Yael’s family, Youssef decides to take Zak’s advice and confess the truth to Yael, hoping that she won’t leave him if she loves him. Yael is not able to handle the amount of lies that Youssef has painted. Hence, she leaves him.

Youssef, on the other hand, crosses paths with Stéphanie again. They spend the night together and end up in bed. The next morning, Youssef learns from Stéphanie, who is a big talker, that she has a cryptocurrency called ShytCoins, originally called ShweetCoins, that will make her a millionaire if she cashes it.

Youssef didn’t care much about Stéphanie; he just wanted to leave, but now he is more interested in her than ever. Meanwhile, Butterfly is searching for Stéphanie because he has learned that she cheated on the gambling table.

Youssef and Stéphanie get to know each other better. Youssef fails to understand why Stéphanie is living like she is broke when she can cash out money at any time. Stéphanie explains that she intends to wait more because the more she waits, the more her money grows.

Stéphanie moves into Youssef’s house when Butterfly and his cousin come looking for her. She hands him the drive that has her ShytCoins. If everything goes well until she sells those coins, she is willing to give Youssef some of the money.

Butterfly and his crew soon track Youssef down. Youssef begs for his life and claims that he can pay him. Butterfly demands 300 grand in 10 days.

Instead of asking for some cash from Stéphanie right away, Youssef again starts lying to her and making the same mistake he did with his ex-girlfriend.

Butterfly investigates how Youssef suddenly has so much money. He interrogates Youssef’s friend, Zak, and finds out about Stéphanie’s ShytCoins.

Zak later tells Youssef about Stéphanie cheating during the poker game. Youssef realizes that it’s because of Stéphanie that he lost money and Yael. Also, she is probably just broke; the ShytCoins might just be another lie too. Youssef confronts Stéphanie, and the two get into a fight.

All-Time High ending explained in detail:

Why do ShytCoins lose their value?

While Youssef is with Zak, he sees Stéphanie’s friend running away. He goes back to Stéphanie and finds her fighting Butterfly and his crew.

On their way, running away from Butterfly, Stéphanie tells Youssef that ShytCoins are now over. It will crash in one hour. They need to sell their coins before that.

Stéphanie tells Youssef to stop midway. She wants to part ways with him because she believes he is just here for the cash. It’s only when Youssef confesses his love to her in an unusual way that she understands. She accepts that she likes him too, even if he is bald and broke.

Does Stéphanie die?

Just when Stéphanie and Youssef accept each other’s flaws and plan to pursue this relationship, Butterfly’s gang shows up and kidnaps Stéphanie.

Youssef follows them and gets into their car. A fight breaks out. Youssef and Stéphanie manage to break free. However, Butterfly keeps chasing them after losing his cousin during the struggle.

All of them get caught in an accident, but Butterfly doesn’t give up. He comes for Youssef and a dying Stéphanie. Youssef chooses Stéphanie over money and hands Butterfly the drive.

Butterfly still tries to kill Stéphanie and Youssef. The gun he gets his hands on is empty. Hence, he is forced to walk. Stéphanie is taken to the hospital. She and her father prank Youssef. It turns out that she managed to survive.

What happens to Butterfly?

In the hospital, Stéphanie reveals that she never had any money to begin with. An injured Butterfly is seen riding his motorcycle. He is barely keeping himself together.

The drive is in his possession. A truck crashes into Butterfly. It is never revealed whether he survived the accident or not.

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