All the romantic webs in XO, Kitty explained

In XO, Kitty, Kitty moves to Seoul to be with her boyfriend, Dae, but ends up developing feelings for someone else. It turns out that Kitty is not the only one with a complicated love life.

XO, Kitty revolves around Kitty, who, sick of being in a long-distance relationship for years, goes to study at her boyfriend’s school, KISS in South Korea. Kitty believes that going to KISS would also give her an opportunity to learn more about her mother, who also went to the same school.

There, Kitty makes new friends, develops feelings for someone who is not Dae, and questions her sexuality. As teenagers, Kitty and her friends navigate school, love, and relationships, all the while discovering themselves.

Here are the various romantic webs in XO, Kitty:

Dae, Kitty, Yuri, and Juliana

Kitty and Dae have been a couple for years, but when she arrives at KISS, she finds out that people think she is Dae’s pen pal and not his girlfriend. Furthermore, Dae is dating one of the most popular girls in school, Yuri, whose mother is the school’s principal and her father is a rich businessman.

However, Yuri and Dae are not actually dating. They are in a fake relationship because Yuri needs to hide her real relationship from her parents, as they will not accept it, and Dae needs money to pay his tuition. Yuri pays Dae’s tuition, and in return, Dae pretends to be her boyfriend.

Yuri is in love with her girlfriend, Juliana. When they get caught kissing and Juliana is sent away to England, Yuri decides to pretend to be in a relationship with Dae to convince her parents and everyone else that Juliana is just a friend. That is the only way Juliana can come back to KISS.

XO, Kitty romantic webs
Kitty realizes that she has feelings for Yuri

Even when Kitty thinks Yuri and Dae’s relationship is real, she starts liking Yuri. Kitty finally starts dating Dae and tries her best to ignore her feelings for Yuri, but once Yuri becomes her friend, it is impossible to do that.

Eventually, Yuri’s mother accepts her and Juliana’s relationship, and the two of them get to be together. At the same time, Kitty breaks up with Dae and tries to confess her feelings to Yuri at the airport, but Juliana’s arrival interrupts her. Kitty leaves for the US without telling Yuri about her feelings for her.

Kitty, Min Ho, and Madison

Initially, Min Ho does not get along with Kitty, but that changes when he helps her prepare the Chuseok feast. After Chuseok, he realizes that he likes Kitty, but he does not do anything about it because Kitty still has feelings for Dae, Min Ho’s best friend.

On the other hand, Madison Miller keeps making it clear that she is interested in Min Ho, and he decides to get into a casual relationship with her when she tells him that they could keep sleeping together without getting into a serious relationship.

With time, Min Ho realizes that he wants more with Madison and decides to ask her to be his girlfriend. Unlike him, Madison is not ready to be in a serious relationship, and she liked him because she thought he did not want a relationship either.

XO, Kitty romantic webs
Min Ho tells Madison that he wants a serious relationship

After getting rejected by Madison, Min Ho learns that he is ready for something real and that he still has feelings for Kitty. When Kitty breaks up with Dae and is returning to the US, she meets Min Ho on the flight.

Min Ho is there for Kitty as a friend, but when she tells him that it was time to end her relationship with Dae, he decides to confess his feelings to her. He tells Kitty that he fell in love with her, which surprises her.

Professor Lee, Principal Lim, and Mr. Han

Principal Jina Lim is married to Mr. Han, and they have a daughter together. However, theirs is not a happy family, as Mr. Han, who is more concerned about his business than his family, is never there for Principal Lim and Yuri.

Years ago, when Principal Lim was a student at KISS, she was with Professor Lee, who was also a student there. Principal Lim got pregnant with his child but chose not to tell him about it, as he got an opportunity to study music in the US.

Their son, Alex, finds out that Professor Lee is his father and comes to teach at KISS to get to know him. Alex never tells Professor Lee about their relationship, but he does tell Principal Lim.

XO, Kitty romantic webs
Principal Lim decides to tell Professor Lee about Alex

When Principal Lim realizes that she might lose both her children because of her husband, who does not even treat her well, she decides to tell Professor Lee about their son, and they discuss this matter together as a family.

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