All of Us Are Dead summary and ending explained

All of Us Are Dead is a zombie horror series that revolves around a district in South Korea that is plagued by a deadly virus that turns all the infected into mindless monsters and the high school that serves as ground zero of this pandemic.


Lee Byeong Chan (Byeong-cheol Kim) is a genius scientist and substitute teacher at the Hyosan high school where his son is a victim of constant bullying. When his son tries to commit suicide, he begins to experiment on him to find some way for his son to fight back which leads him to create the Jonas virus.

One day at school, a student gets bitten by a hamster that was part of Byeong Chan’s experiments. He initially restrains her but she escapes and goes back to her class before she’s taken to the infirmary. They contact an ambulance but before she is transported, she happens to bite the school doctor and spreads the virus.

Slowly but surely the students and teachers of the school get infected and begin to go crazy while the patient zero who was taken to the hospital starts to spread the virus in the city at an alarming rate.

A group of students take shelter in the science lab and try to get their heads around what is happening. Byeong Chan has been taken in by the police and is being questioned by detective Song Jae Ik (Kyoo-hyung Lee). Byeong Chan tells him that once the virus begins to spread, there is no hope for anyone.

The children in the science lab decide that they can’t stay there much longer and use a water hose to climb down from the outside. They go two floors down to the broadcasting room where they meet their teacher, Mrs Park (Lee Sang-hee). They have to fight off a zombie that follows them and in the aftermath,

The children in the science lab decide that they can’t stay there much longer and use a water hose to climb down from the outside. They go two floors down to the broadcasting room where they meet their teacher, Mrs Park (Lee Sang-hee). They have to fight off a zombie that follows them and in the aftermath, Gyeong-su (Ham Sung-min) is suspected of being bitten.

He pleads his innocence but still agrees to isolate himself to prove it. Na-yeon (Lee Yoo-mi) who was the most suspicious of the group is told to apologise but instead, she intentionally infects him wiping an open wound of his with zombie blood. After this interaction, the group lost three members.

Firefighter Nam So-ju (Jeon Bae-soo) is called to rescue an assemblywoman but he’s more focused on rescuing his daughter, Nam On-jo (Park Ji-hoo)  from the school. After being convinced to hold off on his decision, he gets the order to wait for the rescue chopper until the next day. They make arrangements to spend the night.

Two of the students, Cheong-san (Yoon Chan-young) and Soo-hyuk (Park Solomon) decide to climb down to the teacher’s lounge and get a hold of a phone. They manage to get the phone but Cheong-san is blocked off and has to run the other way. The infected have breached the police compound and Byeong Chan tells the detective that the only possible answer is on his laptop at the school.

He then sacrifices his own life to save the detective. Martial Law has been declared in the area and Jae Ik has to get to the emergency centre and tell them about Byeong Chan and his laptop.

Cheong-san catches Gwi-nam (Yoo In-soo) murdering the principal and then tries to escape from his grasp while also avoiding the zombies. After stabbing Gwi-nam in the eye, Cheong-san watches as he is overwhelmed by the zombies. He manages to get to the music room and barricaded himself there.

The others in the broadcast room find out where Cheong-san is with the help of a drone and then hatch a plan to get up to him with the help of the school speakers. They lure the zombies to one side of the school and rush up the other. Soo-hyuk and Nam-ra (Cho Yi-hyun) are held up by Gwi-nam who bites Nam-ra before being pushed out the window.

The others are worried about Nam-ra but Soo-hyuk insists she won’t turn because Gwi-nam wasn’t acting like a zombie. So-ju breaks out of the quarantine camp so that he can head to his daughter’s school and rescue her.

The students decide to head up to the roof in the hopes of being rescued so they come up with a plan to build a barrier in the middle and lure the zombies in using sound. Once all the zombies are in, they escape out the other side of the room and head up to the roof. They manage to get up there too late as the rescue helicopter that had flown leaves before seeing them.

Jae ik comes across a deserted baby, a scared little girl and a stranded social media influencer on his journey towards the quarantine camp. The commandeer a bus and make their way across the city. They run into Eun-ji (Oh Hye-soo) who is one of the infected students who doesn’t show her symptoms like Gwi-nam and Nam-ra

They encounter a group of soldiers soon after and are immediately taken to the camp. Jae ik tells them about the laptop and the soldiers immediately send a team to the school to retrieve it. Once they secure it, they plan to rescue the students on the roof but when Eun-ji attacks someone at the camp it puts doubt into the soldier’s minds and they are ordered to leave without them.

Later that night a thunderstorm hits, allowing the students to come up with a new plan to escape the school grounds. Using the chaos of the storm, they make their way to the auditorium where they come across another group of survivors but are once again pinned down in a room.

The next morning, they figure out a way to create a barrier around them using the steel trolleys so that they can make it to the back door and escape. They make it to the other end where So-ju happens to show up and get them out of a tricky situation but not without more losses.

The military realises that there is no real cure for this virus and begin to consider more drastic solutions to counter this plague.

So-ju ushers them towards the mountains and sacrifices himself to help them escape. They reach the nearby construction space but are once again pinned down by the zombies. The military decides to gather all the zombies into 4 major zones and bomb those regions. They use drones emitting sound at a certain frequency to attract all of them there.

Gwi-nam does not give up in his chase for Cheong-san to take revenge. He ultimately takes a bit of Cheong-san and is then pushed off the side of the building. Cheong-san sacrifices himself as bait while the others escape out into the forest. The military drops the bombs and sends the army in to clear out the rest.

If you have any more questions regarding the final episode, read on below.

Here is the ending of All of Us Are Dead explained in detail (Episode 12):

It’s quiet in the streets

The students are still in the forest the next morning with one of them being injured from the fall out of the explosion. They decide to head out towards the mountains but end up going in circles.

While walking around, they notice a yellow marker tied on one of the trees. They begin to follow a trail of them when On-jo catches a glimpse of a flashlight. With her father’s name on it, she realises that he was the one that tied these markers.

They’re led back into the streets of Hyosan rather than the neighbouring city and they encounter empty streets without any signs of life among them. Nam-ra begins to hear some zombies approaching and tells them all to run.

One final stand

The students are fed up of running and decide to stay and fight. They grab whatever they can find to use and weapons and embrace the oncoming swarm.

A battle ensues and the students do a decent job of holding them off with some superhuman help from Nam-ra. They lose yet another member of their group but carry on in hopes of finding a safe haven. Nam-ra begins to feel herself turn and give into the virus so she splits away from the group.
On-jo and Soo-hyuk run after her and try to convince her to come with them but she cannot control herself so she refuses. The students finally make it to a checkpost and are rescued and taken into the quarantine camp.

Hope for the future

After spending months in the camp, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of the people of Hyosan being released. On-jo makes regular trips outside to a shrine she made dedicated to the friends she lost.

One day while she is out there, she sees a fire lit on the roof of their school. She tells Soo-hyuk and the plan to go there the next night. Soo-hyuk tells the others and the whole group make the journey out to the remains of their school.

When they reach the roof, they see a small campfire burning bright. On-jo says that it’s probably Nam-ra and that’s when Nam-ra shows up. She tells them that there are other’s like her in the city who need help and that she will always remember the friends she made but she can’t go back with them.

She then jumps off the rooftop after saying goodbye to the others, possibly for one last time. That is where the season ends.

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