Alice Wong’s role in Human Resources season 2 explained

Alice Wong is a disability rights activist who voices herself in Human Resources season 2. Alice works closely with Rochelle over the season.

Alice Wong is Rochelle’s client and she’s getting ready for a date the first time she appears on the show. Someone contacted her through social media and set up a meeting and Rochelle gets her excited about it.

However, Hope comes in and raises her expectations another notch even though Rochelle tries to keep it under control. When the guy turns out to be someone just hoping to use her clout for networking purposes, Alice leaves the dinner as Rochelle begins to shit to hate.

When some friends of hers approach her about an issue with their son’s school, Alice agrees to help with the protests. The young boy, Sal, is non-verbal autistic and his school planned to keep all the disabled kids in a separate classroom.

Alice goes hard during the protest with Rochelle, now a hate worm, right in her ear. She is also frustrated with her mother who is always showing her pity and treating her with ableist behavior.

Cutting off from the world

Rochelle continues to have a significant impact on Alice’s life and when she is invited by Sal’s parents to celebrate their breakthrough in the case, she does something terrible.

Sal succeeds in letting his moms’ know that he wants a toy truck and they’re all so happy and celebrating when Alice speaks up to tell them that they’re only raising the bar now to be disappointed in him later on in life.

She leaves soon after with Rochelle telling her that she’s better off without them or anyone else in the world for that matter. Alice doesn’t leave the house for a long time until one day she’s called to Sal’s school.

Alice Wong's role in Human Resources season 2 explained 1
Rochelle lets hate fester within Alice for a long time

She’s asked to give a talk because Sal is getting bullied but Rochelle tells her that it isn’t worth it and convinces her to stay inside. After the Anal Day party and General Malice’s death, Rochelle visits Alice as lovebug again and reminds her once again of the importance of love.

Alice Wong the activist

Alice Wong was born with spinal muscular atrophy and stopped walking at the age of seven or eight. Just like in real life, her character travels around in a wheelchair and is very independent.

She has won several awards for her work and is the founder and Project Coordinator of the Disability Visibility Project (DVP), a project collecting oral histories of people with disabilities in the US that is run in coordination with StoryCorps.

She was the first person to visit the White House and the President by robot presence in 2015.

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