Ali: Thicker Than Water character explained

In Thicker Than Water, Yasmina finds a great friend in the form of Ali, her colleague, who helps her and protects her when she needs it the most.

Ali and Yasmina work together at the mayor’s office. Yasmina is often called the “mental load” of the family. When her father abandoned their family, Yasmina married the first man she fell for, Karim, which she now regrets. Karim doesn’t stand up for her when she needs him the most.

With Oumar threatening the Bentayabs, Yasmina worked hard to run away from the city. She was behind on her taxes and needed to pay them quickly and secure the lives of her two boys.

Ali helps Yasmina

Ali saw Yasmina selling her belongings. He figured out that she is in need of money. When he approaches her, Yasmina immediately turns down his help as she is already aware of his driver’s license scam.

Ali claims that he is done with that business. This is something different; this is a pyramid scheme. Yasmina must pay an entry fee and bring other people in. The more people she brings, the more money she will make.

Ali is planning to open a new restaurant called Ali and the 40 Burgers with that money. Yasmina doubts her ability to convince people. Ali tells her that she has the gift of gab; she can sell anything to anyone. Over the years, he has observed her, and just moments ago, she convinced a friend to buy one of her belongings by making her laugh.

When Yasmina explains this business to her husband, Karim, he insults her by doubting her ability to sell. Nevertheless, Yasmina manages to get her sisters-in-law on board and gathers the money she needs to give Ali. She also makes them promise her that they won’t say a word to their husbands.

Does Ali’s scheme really work?

Though Yasmina’s sisters-in-law had promised to keep their mouths shut, the word had gotten out. Karim’s brothers started talking about how Yasmina is stealing their money.

Karim’s family confronts Yasmina, and all she needed was her husband to defend her. Karim instead shut Yasmina off when she tried to explain that she is not scamming them.

Yasmina later goes to Ali. Initially, he claims that Yasmina won’t be getting her money back anytime soon. Yasmina hurls abuses at him, and then Ali gives her her money back with some profit on top of it.

Ali: Thicker Than Water character explained 1
Ali hands Yasmina her money back

Ali comforts Yasmina, who is already under a lot of pressure. Apart from solving her problems, he wonders what her dreams are. Yasmina senses some relief around him.

Yasmina visits Karim’s family’s party, where she is not welcomed. She gives Karim’s family their money back and leaves the place with her kids. She clarifies to Karim that she has made enough money to not see his family again.

Karim finds out about Ali

When Yasmina told her family about Ali’s pyramid scheme, she claimed that she found out about it from a female friend of hers, knowing how her husband and his family would react if they learn it was a boy.

Apart from helping Yasmina through the scheme, Ali also got Yasmina’s niece, Lina, a job at the council’s recycling center. This was all part of Fara’s plan. She had instructed Lina to steal drugs from the center so that they can repay Oumar.

Lina got caught, and the cops started assuming that Ali might have something to do with the attempted robbery of luxurious handbags at the recycling center, as he is the one who gave Lina a job.

Ali arrives near Yasmina’s house to question if they are trying to trap him. Yasmina assures him that they are doing no such thing. One of Karim’s brothers observes their conversation from afar and informs Karim about it.

The next day, Karim and his brother visit Yasmina’s workplace and notice how close Yasmina and Ali are. Karim’s brother fed lies to Karim about Yasmina and Ali getting intimate. The moment Karim sees Ali kissing Yasmina on the cheek and thanking her for bringing him food, he and his brother go out to confront them.

Karim and his brother act rough with Yasmina, and Ali doesn’t just stand right there, even if it’s Yasmina’s husband. He stands up for her, unlike her husband, and lets her know that he is right around the corner if she needs him.

Karim’s brother continues to insult Yasmina, and Karim ignores them. Sick of this drama, Yasmina wastes no time in ending things with Karim. She goes back home, packs her bags, and decides to leave.

Does Yasmina end up with Ali?

When Oumar keeps Lina in captivity and asks the Bentayab sisters to deliver his gear back, the sisters come together to save Lina. They work together, and a day before the execution of their plan, they decide to spend time with their loved ones, aware that they may not come out of this alive.

Yasmina plans to express her love for Ali by visiting his home and asking him out on a date. She rings his bell, and a beautiful, fit girl answers the door.

Ali is there too, and it turns out that he is dating this girl. Yasmina says she will talk to him later, but he forces her to disclose what she came to tell him now that she is here. Yasmina then kisses him and runs away.

Ali: Thicker Than Water character explained 2
Ali forces Yasmina to spill what she wants to say

Yasmina comes back to her family, and her boys inform her that Karim and his brother talked about divorce. Karim kicked his brother out for bringing that up. For the very first time, Karim stood up for his wife.

The boys say Karim has realized that he has messed up and is upset. Yasmina promises to talk to their father. Before leaving, the boys volunteer to clean the house and do the dishes to help their overburdened mother. Karim, on the other hand, promises to change and calls Yasmina beautiful.

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