Alfredo Fachetti: Eva Lasting character explained

Alfredo Fachetti is Eva’s ex-boyfriend who serves as a roadblock in Camilo’s pursuit. Alejandro Santamaria plays the character.

While they were in Cartagena, they stayed in a fancy house that Eva says belonged to a friend of her family.

Camilo finds a photo album with pictures of Eva and another man and a letter written to Alfredo Fachetti, calling him the love of her life.

Alfredo is a Colombian of Italian descent who is studying medicine in America. He is back for his vacation and instantly wins over all of Eva’s friends except Camilo.

He is rich and charming and does all the right things to endear himself to the others. Alfredo offers an invitation to the pool at the country club and everyone accepts.

He lets Salcedo drive his car on the way there and his charm works on everyone. Even Camilo feels slightly impressed but Alfredo’s aura.

They go to the roller rink and Alfredo shows up his skills with skates and with a guitar. He then tells Camilo that he wants to win Eva back and warns him of the competition.

A progressive idea

Camilo asks Eva to give him a definite answer on who she is picking, but she tells him that she would like to date both of them together.

Alfredo Fachetti: Eva Lasting character explained 1
Alfredo Fachetti agrees to Eva’s polyamory arrangement with Camilo

The trio agrees to be a polyamorous couple but Camilo always feels like he’s competing (and losing) against Alfredo.

They try a psychedelic drug called Roller 77 and then go to the roller rink but Camilo has a panic attack and pukes.

The next time, they go out to the desert and try a magic mushroom, but Alfredo and Camilo lose Eva.

Camilo finds her at the cafe later and she tells him that during her psychedelic trip, she realized that there is something from her past she has been avoiding.

She was pregnant with Alfredo’s baby but she never told him because they had already broken up and he was with someone else by then.

She had an abortion and stands by her decision, but she has some guilt for not telling Alfredo about it.

She tells him and it effectively ends any chances of them being together. Camilo comforts Alfredo and never sees him again.

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