Alejandra Orsi: The Kingdom character explained

In The Kingdom season 2 (El Reino), Alejandra Orsi is a congresswoman who opposes Emilio’s government and seeks to expose his crimes. Maite Lanata plays Alejandra.

Alejandra is one of the many people who are protesting against Emilio’s theocratic government. She is a congresswoman who uses her resources and connections to fight Emilio and draw the public’s attention to Emilio’s crimes that were swept under the carpet.

Does Alejandra expose Emilio’s truth?

Alejandra meets Roberta Candia, the former DA, because she wants to reopen Roberta’s last case. Roberta and Ramiro tell her about the money stored in the walls of the church. However, all the records of it and Remigio’s files have disappeared.

The only thing that Roberta still has is Remigio’s notebook, which contains the records of the boys who were assaulted by Emilio. Alejandra then works with Julio, Roberta, and Ramiro at her uncle’s printing press to find these boys and get their testimonies.

While Alejandra offers to release their testimonies herself, Julio points out that she can only reach her followers and that there are not too many of them. They finally decide to release them in Congress on the day Emilio is supposed to give his presidential address.

The Kingdom Alejandra
Alejandra cries while listening to the testimony

When she hears the testimony of one of the boys, she breaks down, and her resolve to ruin Emilio gets stronger. She sneaks Julio and Tadeo into the Congress from the back gates while her people make preparations.

Although Daniel’s men put an end to the live telecast by meddling with the equipment, Tadeo comes forward to testify in front of everyone and is killed. Alejandra successfully exposes Emilio’s crimes, but Tadeo loses his life in the process.

Alejandra and Julio’s relationship

Alejandra knows about Julio’s past. She does not let him attend the student protest at the university because she thinks that he is one of the people who are responsible for getting Emilio elected in the first place.

When Roberta tells her that Remigio’s notebook was given to her by Julio, she immediately doubts his motives for doing so, but Roberta and Ramiro assure her that Julio truly intended to help them and that he risked everything to do that.

The two dislike each other from their first meeting, so when Alejandra approaches him to tell him that they are reopening the case, Julio questions her motives this time.

The Kingdom Alejandra
Julio questions Alejandra’s motives

He tells her that these boys are real people, not objects that she can use for political advantage. Alejandra realizes that he cares for these boys and that perhaps he is not as bad as she assumed.

She then invites him to join their meeting where they are supposed to discuss the case, and to her surprise, he actually shows up. While working on gathering the testimonies of the boys, the two get over their distrust and dislike of each other.

They even go out for drinks, but nothing happens between them because Julio stops it. The two still continue to get closer, as seen when they go looking for Tadeo after Emilio places a target on him.

When Tadeo dies, Julio tells Alejandra that he believes that Tadeo’s death was an offering to the people of the country to set things into motion. He then takes her along with him because he thinks they still have a lot to do, which means this is not the end for them.

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