Aldon Reese: FUBAR character explained

In FUBAR, Aldon Reese is one of the CIA officers working on Luke’s team. He falls in love with Luke’s daughter, Emma, complicating the relationship he has with his teammates. Travis Van Winkle plays Aldon.

Initially, Aldon Reese is primarily seen working alongside Ruth, also known as Roo. He regards her as his best friend, and they are often paired together.

When Emma joins the team, he provides her with the occasional comfort she needs, which her father fails to give. He feels attracted to her and even attempts to ask her out. Since she already has a boyfriend in the form of Carter, she clarifies that they can only be friends.

As time goes by, Emma does fall for Aldon and gets confused about who she wants to end up with. The situation not only ruins her relationship with Aldon and Carter but also the one that Luke’s whole team has.

Pooh Bear

In the third episode of FUBAR, to retrieve Dr. Karl Novac’s papers, Aldon is asked to seduce Novac’s handler, Nika Stalinovich, and keep Nika busy while they download Novac’s papers.

Apparently, over the course of his career, Aldon has been part of many such missions, where he has used his looks and charms to flatter women and get what the CIA wants.

Aldon Reese: FUBAR character explained 1
Aldon prepares to meet Nika

Aldon and his team have fun talking about his adventures with women. Emma despises Aldon for talking disrespectfully about every woman he has ever seduced. Aldon has to clarify that he does respect women, and that honey potting itself is an art.

When Nika turns out to be a man, it’s Emma who has to replace Aldon and do the honey-potting. She understands the assignment, and Aldon supports her during the mission.

Who is Diana?

In the fourth episode of FUBAR, Aldon reveals the name of the one woman he had a passionate fling with during one of his honey-potting missions. Her name is Diana, and she is a NIS officer.

Diana got obsessed with Aldon, but the latter had to break up with her. The CIA stipulates that an officer can’t have more than two close contacts with a person. Aldon always feared that she would interfere in their mission of using Great Dane to lure Boro out.

Diana does show up, but only to rescue Aldon when Luke’s team first gets their hands on Boro.

Aldon’s past

Aldon wears nice clothes, looks sharp, and tries to stay attractive because he didn’t have the luxury he has today while growing up. As a kid, the only clothes he had were the ones given to him by someone else.

Aldon Reese: FUBAR character explained 2
Aldon talks about his past life

Aldon’s family could never afford more than one pair. Aldon was bullied through high school, and none of the girls wanted to be with him.

Once Aldon was recruited by the CIA, everything changed. He appreciates the life he has now and the women who are now attracted to him, but he never had feelings for any of those women, except for Emma.

Do Aldon and Emma end up together?

Aldon vows that he will wait for Emma but will never get between her and Carter. When Emma’s niece is in urgent need of bone marrow, Aldon helps Emma through the tough times, no matter how rude she is to him. She later ends up kissing him in the parking lot.

Luke sees this and feels he should tell Carter because he doesn’t want his daughter’s relationship to end up like the one he has with his wife. Luke getting between them, Emma calling her fling with Aldon nothing, and Aldon hiding this relationship from Roo breaks the team apart. They reconcile later after apologizing to each other.

Things don’t work out for Emma and Carter, as the latter decides to break up with her after learning the truth about Aldon. Since Carter is out of the picture, Emma asks Aldon out during a mission in the ninth episode, confessing that she does have feelings for him.

Aldon rejects her. He says he feels like her backup now that Carter has kicked her out. He was willing to wait for her only if she chose him over Carter.

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