General Aiden Park: Mech Cadets character explained

Aiden Park is the leader of Sky Corps Academy and the Mech Cadets program, as well as the father of Olivia Park.

General Aiden Park is a major supporting character in Mech Cadets, with layers more complex than the one-note, stern voice in other videos.

Expectations of perfection

General Aiden Park is a battle-hardened man who expects nothing short of perfection from his mech cadets, including his own daughter, a trainee at the Sky Corps Academy.

Even though she demonstrates exceptional talent and dispenses ruthless maneuvers in her obsessive pursuit of becoming a Robos pilot, Aiden Park often has only disappointment to show.

Mech Cadets Olivia and AidenPark
General Park and his daughter Olivia (Image source: Netflix)

In turn, it’s his approval that his daughter Olivia Park so desperately seeks, which distracts her from being a better cadet and a human in general. He later tells her that he never wanted her to become a pilot, that’s her own ambition.

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However, he has always wanted her to be perfect at it, to be the best of all. It’s also revealed in due course, why he seeks such perfection from the young ones, especially his daughter.

Troubled by fatherly concerns

Aiden Park is a father, at the end of the day. And even if the stakes of the job he has as a leader of Sky Corps Academy are extremely high, he is also burdened by the responsibility of his daughter.

His wife Charlotte passed away when Olivia was a child and ever since, Aiden has been trying to do right by his late wife and raise Olivia right.

There are many actions that Park takes throughout Mech Cadets that display his immense concern and love for Olivia. He hopes that no harm befall her and routinely asks Captain Tanaka, brother of Charlotte, to look after his niece when he’s not around.

It also makes sense why he would want his daughter to be perfect because a competent Robos pilot has less chance of succumbing to injuries or worse — death, which is a common occurrence amongst young pilots.

Aiden Park was fed up with children battling the alien invaders and dying which was reason enough for him to make a mech program himself.

At the end of season 1, his fears come true when Olivia gets transported inside a black hole, as Park gears up to track her down and save her.

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