Agent Steel: Captain Fall character explained

Agent Steel is a member of the Special Forces Unit who is suspicious of the cartel’s existence and is determined to find its leader. The character is voiced by Christopher Meloni.

Agent Steel appears to be the only officer actually focused on doing a good job in the Special Forces Unit and while the others celebrate the easy arrest of Captain Tucker, Steel is the only one who believes that he could just be a pawn.

After Tucker kills himself in his cell and the case is closed, Steel takes the files home so that he can continue working on the case. He isn’t convinced that Tucker is the real mastermind.

On a mission for redemption

While working on the case involving illegal Tiger erectile medicine, Steel discovers where they are being distributed from but thanks to his captain’s post on social media, the distributor is tipped off and destroys the evidence.

Steel visits a CI of his and asks him to look up the Tiger paw logo from the drug crates and it leads him to a facility in the middle of nowhere. He does some surveillance and takes the evidence back to his superior to authorize a raid.

Unfortunately, this turns out to be wrong, and the facility only contained dangerous animals. They rush in and set the animals loose into the city, with many people having their faces ripped off and losing their lives.

Steel is relieved from his job and his wife leaves him because of his grave error.

Agent Steel: Captain Fall character explained 1
Agent Steel gets all the evidence he needs against Captain Fall

When a friend invites him to a speed dating event, Steel notices a poster advertising the single’s cruise on the Caribbean Queen and realizes it is the same ship from before.

He manages to sneak onto the ship and collects all the evidence proving that the crew is involved in smuggling and other illegal operations. He jumps off the ship right after facing Captain Fall and accusing him of being an evil person and the true mastermind.

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