Agent Elvis ending explained: Is Elvis Presley dead?

Agent Elvis sees the titular cultural icon who also moonlights as a crime fighter, getting pulled into a super secret government spy agency to thwart sinister plots that threaten the nation.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Elvis Presley prepares for a comeback special when Charles Manson kidnaps his best friend Bobby Ray, and as Elvis sets off to rescue him, he’s aided by CeCe, a wise-cracking agent of a super secret government spy agency called TCB.

The next adventure takes Elvis to Vegas, where he meets Howard Hughes, whose nuclear-powered airplane gets hijacked by Russian spies who intend to use it as a nuclear bomb. Presley and the gang manage to defeat the enemies and save Vegas.

America is going to the moon and while Elvis films for Change of Habit, and gets upset that he’s not the one going to the moon. In his frustration, he sets off to fight drug dealers and prevent a major drug deal instead.

Elvis is on his first on-the-job training, at the Altamont Free Concert, where a sonic device is being used to turn people feral. The next mission takes him to the White House where he must retrieve a file that can compromise TCB’s identity to an unsuspecting Richard Nixon.

The next job presents itself while Elvis is on his USO event in Vietnam, where he and CeCe meet the latter’s mother, while the sonic weapon is being used by the enemies once again.

Thereafter, Elvis and company head off to Algeria to retrieve a former TCB agent who got sprung from prison — Timothy Leary. They track him down and get him back to the US.

Later on, thanks to professor Leary and his LSD sugar cubes, Elvis is plunged into hallucinations and trips to the surreal realm, before he sets off to find out about Operation Tupelo and why he keeps having a flashback about it. He finds out the harrowing truth behind it that has been influencing his career trajectory for decades.

The final mission sees Agent Elvis thwart the enemy’s plans to sabotage his “Aloha from Hawaii Live Concert” and kill millions of people worldwide.

Agent Elvis ending explained in detail:

What is TCB?

TCB is an ultra-high secret government spy agency that has been functioning behind the shadows for over a century. Their primary mission entails influencing civilizations through prominent thought leaders and celebrities.

These celebrities serve as TCB’s influencers who help them shape the world and steer history to the course of their liking. They use celebrities to “infiltrate, instigate, and appropriate”, among other things, to keep America safe.

From the way it has shaped the world to what it is in the concurrent era in the show, TCB is shown to be insanely powerful, with its commanders like the current one often not being afraid of even the presidents.

Who is the mole in TCB?

It’s at the very end of Agent Elvis that the Commander sniffs out the mole in TCB. However, he still doesn’t know the identity of the said mole, just that there is one in their midst.

It’s finally revealed that Agent Robert Goulet is the mole and is in cahoots with the prime antagonist determined to take revenge upon Elvis.

He’s also shown to have a constant beef with Elvis, and the two don’t get along at all. This enmity is all the more intensified when Elvis learns the truth about his eyesore.

At the end of Agent Elvis, Robert Goulet is defeated by his enemy who he has always felt incredibly jealous of. However, CeCe saves him from falling to his death on the slight off chance that he might be her father.

Why does Gabriel Wolf want revenge on Elvis?

The prime antagonist of Agent Elvis is one rather silly fellow by the name of Gabriel Wolf, the president of Wolf World Communications.

His company’s logo is a “W”, and when inverted, it’s an “M”, denoting Malus — the symbol of his shadowy company that’s hellbent on killing Elvis and using the mind-altering sonic weapon.

Growing up, Gabriel was a big fan of Elvis, but when his pastor father went to burn all the “devil music” of the singer, he caught fire and subsequently drowned in the swimming pool. Gabriel took this as a diabolical sign proving Elvis’s music was indeed the cause of his misery and loss.

His need for revenge takes shape that day and he becomes obsessed with taking down Elvis. His final grand plan is to use the satellite that will broadcast the singer’s concert to millions worldwide to emit sonic weapon waves, making the fans go berserk and kill each other.

That way, everyone will loathe Elvis just as Gabriel does, and he will have his revenge. However, that plan is foiled by the singer and his chimp, Scatter, but Gabriel Wolf announces in fury that his efforts aren’t over just yet.

Does Elvis die at the end?

After destroying all the sonic weapons and the satellite receiver, Elvis, along with CeCe, Bobby, and Scatter are stranded in space. As it turns out, Bobby hadn’t installed the heat shield on the shuttle.

Without a heat shield, they will burn during re-entry. To solve that, Elvis comes up with an insane solution. He decides to go to the front of the shuttle and acts as a heat shield himself.

His suit is definitely not sufficient to act as a proper heat shield and CeCe tries hard to discourage him from this decision, but Agent Elvis needs to get to his concert in time. So he goes outside and sticks himself to the nose of the shuttle as it reenters the Earth’s atmosphere, burning like the sun with all the kinetic friction.

As the shuttle comes down, Commander calls up one of his contacts, asking them to prepare an Elvis clone, saying that they would be needing a new Elvis, before the credits roll and the season comes to an end.

This leaves the fate of Elvis ambiguous and while his death is not shown, it’s kind of teased as an inevitability. However, with the kind of history-altering and absurd show Agent Elvis is, on top of the ending being so ambiguous, Elvis is just as likely to still be alive as he’s to be dead.

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