Afterlife of the Party ending explained: Does Cassie make it to ‘The Above’?

‘Afterlife of the party’ on Netflix is a movie about a social butterfly Cassie, who dies 5 days before her 25th birthday and gets stuck in an in-between place and therefore has to make things right, to earn her spot in heaven. The movie has been written by Carrie Freedle and directed by Stephen Herek.

Afterlife of the Party starts a week before Cassie’s (Victoria Justice) 25th Birthday. Lisa (Midori Francis) is Cassie’s best friend from childhood, who works at the museum of natural history. Cassie is a party planner who loves partying, whereas Lisa likes to stay in.

Max (Timothy Renouf) moves next door and Lisa starts liking him. Cassie and Lisa go to a party and Lisa decides to leave early when she starts getting uncomfortable. Lisa confronts Cassie about her partying and her fake friends and they have a bad fight.

The next morning, Cassie gets a bad hangover and when she goes to the washroom, she slips and dies after hitting her head. Cassie then wakes up in the in-between place and meets Val (Robyn Scott), who introduces herself as Cassie’s temporary guardian angel who is here to guide her and help her find her way to heaven, ‘The Above’.

Val tells Cassie that she is stuck because of her unfinished business on Earth. She hands Cassie a list of people, with whom she must make things right. Lisa, Cassie’s father Howard (Adam Garcia) and Cassie’s mother Sofia (Gloria Garcia) are on her list. She only has 5 days to sort things out or else she will go to hell, ‘The Below’.

One year after Cassie’s death, she first visits Lisa and finds that she still hasn’t gone out with Max and is scared to take on a new role at work, even though she wants it. Cassie decides to help Lisa get Max and the job. Through a miracle of sorts, Cassie is able to make contact with Lisa and Lisa can now see and talk to Cassie.

Lisa starts losing her mind after seeing Cassie, and Cassie tries to calm her down. They talk and try to fix things between them. Cassie set up Max and Lisa on a date to go see the shooting of Cassie’s favourite singer Koop’s (Spencer Sutherland) new song.

Cassie thinks she has fixed things with Lisa and moves on to her father, who is depressed till now. She helps her father get back to Yoga, but still, the list has both Lisa and Howard’s names on it, while Cassie only has 3 days left.

The next day, Lisa accompanies Cassie to her mom’s place to help Cassie find closure with her mom, after her mom left Cassie and her dad years. But things don’t go as planned and Cassie gets mad at her mom and Lisa.

Later that night, Cassie and Lisa get into a fight over what happened at Sofia’s place. Cassie gets mad and goes back to the in between, where Val reveals that if she doesn’t set things right then, everything that she has done in the past 3 days between Max and Lisa and her father and Yoga will all vanish.

Will Cassie be able to help her father? Do Cassie and Lisa make up? What happens between Max and Lisa? Does Cassie make it to The Above?

Here is the ‘Afterlife of the party’ ending explained in detail:

Cassie and her parents

Cassie decides to try again and goes back to her father’s house. There she finds her father and mother, reunited, after she left him and she hears them talk about her. She decides to forgive her mother, and Sofia’s name is struck off the list, leaving Cassie with her father and Lisa.

Cassie realises that the only way to help her father is to help him meet someone kind and caring, like him, so that he has someone in his life. Cassie requests Val to put Emme’s (Myfanwy Waring) name on her list too, so she can intervene in her life.

Emme is the owner of a bakery shop in New York and is celebrating 1 year of her bakery. She throws a party at the bakery. Cassie leaves many pamphlets of the party at her Dad’s table and sees it as a sign from Cassie and decides to go.

Howard goes to Emme’s shop and they instantly strike a chord and begin talking to each other. At the end of the day, Lisa holds a memorial for Cassie’s Death Anniversary.

At the memorial, Cassie and her father connect and he sees her for the first time after her death. They talk and he is finally able to make peace with Cassie’s death. Thus, her father’s name is also struck off the list.

Cassie and Lisa

Things between Cassie and Lisa become a little sour after their fight and Cassie does not know how to make things better. At work, it is the last opportunity for Lisa to sign up her name for the job she wants. Cassie helps Lisa get over her fear of failure.

With Cassie’s encouragement and support, Lisa feels confident and puts her name on the list. In the interview, she impresses her boss and gets the job. In her personal life, too, Lisa makes big progress with Cassie’s help and begins dating Max.

Cassie and Lisa talk about her death and the fight that happened the night before her death. They realise how precious their bond is and are sad about not seeing each other again.

However, Lisa’s name is still on her list. Minutes before her time is up, Cassie realises what is still unfinished between her and Lisa and goes back to their apartment.

At the apartment on the table is a puzzle of Mona Lisa that they had been solving before Cassie’s death and which Cassie had knocked over after their fight, the night of the birthday party.

She begins looking for the missing piece of the puzzle and by the time she finds it, her time is up. She finishes the puzzle but only after her time gets over.

Cassie’s fate

Cassie is back in the in-between with Val. A meeting is held by angels to decide where to send Cassie. Val tells Cassie that the angels have decided that she definitely missed her deadline and they cannot do anything about that.

However, they are impressed with the actions that Cassie undertook in good faith. They appreciate how she selflessly helped Emme, even though Emme wasn’t on her list. Therefore, they decide to not punish her for missing the deadline.

Cassie and Val walk over to the elevator that will take Cassie to the above or the below based on the decision of the Angels. At the elevator door, Cassie and Val say goodbye to each other.

The Elevator signals the sign ‘A’ for the above and thus Cassie goes to ‘The Above’. In the elevator, she is joined by Koop, her favourite singer, who died recently and they start talking and Cassie tells him about her crush on him. They enter the garden of heaven together.

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