Adolfo: Tin & Tina character explained

In Tin & Tina, Adolfo is the husband of Lola. To cheer his wife up after a tragic miscarriage, he suggests that they can adopt children from a nearby convent. Jaime Lorente plays Adolfo.

Adolfo is a pilot who marries María de los Dolores, also known as Lola, in Tin & Tina. He is a funny and loving husband who looks forward to becoming a father soon. When Lola suffers from a miscarriage, he does everything to keep her happy and cheer her up again.

As Lola will not be able to bear another child again, she gets depressed and finds everything hard, no matter how much Adolfo tries. Eventually, she agrees to one of his suggestions about adopting children from a convent.

Adolfo makes a generous donation to adopt two children with no impairments. When Lola chooses to adopt the twin siblings Tin and Tina, he is quick to notice that these two are a bit strange.

Lola takes them in after acknowledging that they need love. Adolfo doesn’t argue, considering that his wife is finally taking a step toward moving on.

Adolfo as a husband and a father

Initially, Adolfo looks like a loving father figure to the twins and a responsible and caring husband to Lola. He understands both of their sides and does everything to keep them happy.

Much like Lola, even he gets shocked when Tin and Tina, out of their obsession with religion, go as far as to kill their dog, Kuki, for biting Lola. While Lola starts fearing the twins, Adolfo sees them as kids who just need to be taught the difference between right and wrong.

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Adolfo addresses Lola’s concerns

Over time, Adolfo’s character falls into the cliches of horror movie characters when he starts ignoring his wife’s concerns about the twins, who may have attempted to kill a boy at their school for bullying them.

Adolfo only acknowledges Lola’s concerns when the kids drown the couple’s newborn baby in the house’s swimming pool, trying to baptize him. Adolfo and Lola then unanimously make a decision to drop the twins back at the convent.

Flaws in Adolfo and his death

Once the twins are out of the picture, Adolfo and Lola’s marriage starts falling apart. Lola expresses that she wants to start working as a seamstress. Adolfo ends up ridiculing her idea by questioning who will take care of their son.

It turns out that Adolfo is not comfortable switching places with Lola to take care of their son. One can’t deny that he loves his wife to the utmost, which sees him begging Lola when she takes off her ring.

That night, he promises to change before going to fix the television antenna during the heavy rain. Lightning strikes Adolfo while he is fixing it. He catches fire. Lola looks for a blanket to put out the fire, but she is a bit late. Adolfo not only enters the house and dies, but he also sets the whole house on fire.

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