AD: Tooth Pari: When Love Bites character explained

In Tooth Pari: When Love Bites, while Ora is in hibernation, AD, as in Adi Deb, a human, is the one responsible for making sure that vampires in his clan are not breaking the rules and entering the human world.

In 1684, when the British were looting Kolkata under the pretext of discovering the place, a man named Mr. Job Charnock sent a group of hunters to track Ora down and kill him.

At that time, Raj Narayan Deb from AD’s family took Ora and his clan under his wing and offered them shelter underground. Since then, AD’s family has been protecting Ora’s clan, and AD is following in their footsteps.

As their protector and provider, AD takes great care of them and fulfills all their demands. He provides them with everything, including gadgets, entertainment, clothes, books, and, most importantly, blood of all types from a nearby hospital. In exchange, he asks them to follow the rules and not enter the human world.

Is AD a double agent?

When Sreela is killed by Luna Luka, it’s AD who volunteers to help her send Sreela’s head to Ora’s clan, but he never gives her the location of Ora’s clan.

AD wonders why Luna Luka hates the vampires so much. Much like AD, even she refrains from answering and counters by asking how he is benefiting from sending Sreela’s head to Ora. AD doesn’t answer her.

Later, when Amar arrives to meet AD at the hospital, it is revealed that AD intentionally sent Sreela’s head to Ora’s clan to awaken Ora. AD believed it needed to be done because the vampires were crossing the line. AD isn’t working for Luna Luka in any way; he just wanted to scare the vampires who thought of themselves as rebels.

Why does AD serve Ora’s clan?

Every time Amar visits AD, he brings packets full of blood that belong to the vampires from Ora’s clan. AD has assigned a doctor to work on this blood and develop a drug called Hemalin that can help his ailing wife, who is suffering from sickle-cell disease.

The first time his wife was diagnosed, the doctors had claimed that she wouldn’t survive for more than two years. Eighteen years have passed. AD’s wife is still thriving thanks to the blood of the vampires, who are basically immortal.

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AD comforts his ailing wife

AD’s wife is sick of taking Hemalin, but AD assures her that a day will come when he will find a permanent cure for her disease. AD makes sure to supply Ora’s clan with all the human blood that they need in exchange for the blood they give him, even if it’s little.

AD not only uses this blood for his wife but also as a means of business by selling Hemalin to the world. He calls this a miracle drug and claims that only he has the raw material required for it.

How does AD know Roy?

AD is a great friend of Roy’s father. He had plans to get his daughter, Mithilia, married to Roy so that Roy could replace him in the family someday.

Mithila and Roy never got along, and they didn’t meet again after their first date. AD had never seen Roy; he had just seen his picture during one of his visits to Roy’s house. AD first meets Roy when Ora’s clan captures him for coming to their hideout.

The secret AD knows about Rumi

When AD learns that Rumi is the one who has been captured for breaking into the human world and that it’s because of Roy, he doesn’t order their deaths right away, unlike before.

AD intends to give Rumi a chance. She will have to kill Luna Luka in exchange for her life. During the fight between Rumi and Luna Luka, the latter realizes that Rumi is not a regular vampire.

AD: Tooth Pari: When Love Bites character explained 2
AD reveals a secret he knows about Rumi

Rumi absorbs the water that Luna Luka uses on her and manages to kill her. From that day on, the other vampires start fearing Rumi, who begins running Ora’s clan the way she wants to.

AD is fine with it because he knows how he can bring Rumi back to him whenever he wants. Rumi’s daughter is still alive, and only AD knows where she is.

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