A Sunday Affair ending explained: Who does Sunday fall in love with?

A Sunday Affair is a romantic drama set in Nigeria that follows two best friends, Uche and Toyin, who fall in love with Sunday, a charming, yet flawed man. A love triangle ensues with the ladies not aware that they are in love with the same man. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Plot summary

A Sunday Affair is set in Lagos and shows a deep bond between two childhood best friends, Uche and Toyin. Now grown up, they are at different stages in life.

Uche runs an art gallery and likes to sleep around. She funds her gallery and lifestyle through a sexual arrangement with a rich man named Sam. Toyin, on the other hand, is done with men and wants to bear a child through Intrauterine Insemination.

The two attend Uche’s sister Kelechi’s wedding, who is marrying a man named Femi. There, Uche is smitten by a handsome guy, that is revealed to be Femi’s brother, Sunday.

He is married and has a daughter but argues with his spouse. Uche uses this moment to seduce him, and the two sleep together. Toyin is not happy about her friend’s approach but lets it pass.

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A few days later, Sunday runs into Toyin aboard a train as she heads to an IUI clinic for routine tests. She refuses his advances at first, but the two start chatting and hit it off.

After her appointment, Toyin meets Sunday at the station again. The tracks are sabotaged by bandits, canceling their journey back. He offers to get her a room at a lavish hotel, promising that there will be a train tomorrow morning.

The two share a meal, and Sunday reveals that he’s getting a divorce. They get drunk and almost sleep together, but he gets a call from his soon-to-be ex-wife at the wrong time.

He later runs into Uche at a family dinner, and the two go out. Femi warns him about her, but he doesn’t listen. After drinks, they hook up again in his car.

Toyin, who hasn’t stopped thinking about Sunday, gives him a call and apologizes for missing the dinner. She offers to take him out for drinks as compensation.

The two meet and have a hearty conversation while walking on the beach. The next day, Femi confronts his brother and asks him to break it up with both of them. He is worried that it will cause turbulence in his marriage.

Unfortunately, when Sunday goes to break up with Uche, she seduces him again. The same thing happens when he meets with Toyin. The two friends tell each other that they’re seeing someone special but do not reveal that it’s Sunday.

Femi is furious and forces his brother to break it off. Sunday meets Uche at her gallery and confesses that he cannot be in a relationship due to his ongoing divorce. Furious, she tells him to leave.

He is heartbroken for hurting her. Realizing that he cannot face Toyin while breaking her heart, Sunday decides to ghost her instead. After trying to contact him many times, Toyin shows up at Femi’s place and finds Sunday there.

She gives him an earful and berates him for being so cruel. Later that night, Sunday can’t sleep and confesses to Femi that he is into both women. However, he loves Uche.

In another twist of fate, Toyin receives some heartbreaking news and goes out clubbing with Uche to make herself feel better.

A Sunday Affair ending explained in detail:

What is the heartbreaking news?

At the club, Toyin gets drunk and asks Uche to leave her alone. Scared, she calls Femi, who arrives at the club with Sunday. They don’t find Toyin at the club, so Sunday decides to look for her.

However, before leaving, he confesses to Uche that he is really in love with her and promises to find her friend. Sunday goes to the beach and finds Toyin crying.

She asks him to leave and reveals that she’s been diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer. Sunday takes her home and shares that his mom died of cancer when he was 10. He encourages her to fight it and promises to be by her side.

Now, he loves Uche but decides to date Toyin so she doesn’t lose her will to live.

Why does Toyin stop treatment?

Toyin goes to meet Uche and tells her about her condition. If that wasn’t enough, she finally reveals that she’s dating Sunday. Uche doesn’t show it but is livid on the inside.

She doesn’t understand why Sunday would confess his love to her if he wanted to date her best friend. She confronts him at work, and he explains that he loves her but cannot leave Toyin’s side due to her condition.

The two argue but decide to keep their feelings on the back burner for Toyin’s sake as she begins chemotherapy. Her conditions get worse, but she keeps on fighting.

Unable to take it anymore, Sunday visits Uche at her gallery, and they have sex. Elsewhere, Toyin discovers that she is pregnant and cannot continue chemo if she decides to keep the baby.

Do Sunday and Uche end up together?

Toyin decides to keep the baby despite protests from Sunday and Uche. She claims she can fight cancer later, but she’s always wanted a baby and cannot ignore this miracle.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end well. Toyin only has two months left, and it is time for the delivery. Unfortunately, the doctor reveals that they need to operate to bring the baby out.

They manage to save the child but Toyin doesn’t make it. Uche is heartbroken and we get to see a flashback scene where the two met and became friends as kids.

Later, as they prepare for the funeral, it is revealed that Toyin left her best friend a letter in which she mentioned that she knew about Sunday and her.

She saw them having sex at the gallery but wasn’t mad about it. She was glad that the two most important people in her life had found each other.

Instead, she apologizes for having stolen a few months from their possible lives together as she wanted to borrow some happiness before she passed.

Toyin asks Uche to never let her memory come in between her relationship with Sunday and asks them to take care of her newborn daughter.

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