A Perfect Story summary and ending explained

A Perfect Story follows Margot and David, who come together to help each other get their exes back. In the process, something else sparks between them. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Margarita Ortega Ortiz de Zárate, also known as Margot, is the vice president of Ortega Group, a hotel empire that is her family business. She also works as the head partner in charge of guest services and brand image.

Margot is a very ambitious and career-driven woman. However, since she basically owns her hotel empire, all her mother wants is for her to settle down and get married to her boyfriend, Filippo.

At the wedding, Margot feels overwhelmed by the pressure put on her by her mother. She almost suffers a panic attack. Filippo, who is generally nice, doesn’t help her calm down either.

Filippo doesn’t acknowledge that Margot can’t go through this at the moment. He cares more about what people who have attended the wedding will think. Margot takes time for herself and ultimately runs away, embarrassing her mother and Filippo.

A disappointed Filippo and Margot talk about this event later, and the former decides to go to Italy for a couple of months. At a time like this, Margot’s sisters, Patricia and Candela, stay by her side and support her.

Meanwhile, David, a hardworking lad, is juggling three different freelance jobs and sharing an apartment with his best friends, Iván and Domi, and their daughter, Ada.

David’s girlfriend, Idoia, thinks he is happy living like a kid. He needs constant reassurance, is emotionally dependent, and is not ambitious. She wants none of that and is looking forward to ending things. David doesn’t want to let her go and is ready to beg to her.

Margot and her sisters visit Iván and David’s bar. They get familiar with David, and Patricia forgets her mobile at the bar. The next day, it’s Margot who goes to bring the phone back.

David planned to use Patricia, who was flirting with him last night, to make Idoia jealous. He didn’t expect Margot to come. Fortunately, Margot plays along and helps him make Idoia jealous.

David and Margot really click while lying to Idoia. Later, when Margot is asked by her assistant to go on a vacation, she randomly puts her finger on a location, which turns out to be Greece. Margot and David had lied to Idoia about going to Greece.

Margot sees this as a sign and meets David. They both want to get back together with their exes and decide to help each other out. They promise to be honest with each other about their exes and what they need to change about themselves.

Margot and David become good friends, but the former hides the fact that she is the VP of a huge hotel empire from David.

When it’s time for Margot to go on that Greece vacation, David feels that he is going to miss her. Even Margot feels the need to have David by her side, and she invites him.

Margot pays for David’s flight ticket. They get a five-star hotel to stay at and even a pick-up and drop-off service. All of this makes David wonder who Margot is. All Margot says is that the company she works for is paying for this.

During their Greece trip, Margot and David learn more about each other’s partners and relationships. While David is told that Idoia has an ego problem and David is looking at himself through her eyes, Margot wishes she could be comfortable with Filippo the way she is with David.

They are both clearly falling for each other. David soon lets her know that he is into her. The two quickly make out. Initially, they think it’s a mistake and stop right away to focus on what they really are here for, but they struggle to control their feelings for long.

To enjoy the time that they have and protect their friendship at the same time, they continue their fling and decide to end this the moment their Greece trip ends.

David lies to Margot about a call from Idoia, and it upsets her. At the same time, she also didn’t tell him about Filippo’s message. The two fight, apologize, and come back home. Throughout this whole trip, they failed to confess that they have true feelings for each other.

After coming back from Greece, David and Margot find it hard to part ways. The rule was to end this fling once this trip ended, but they still sleep together at Margot’s.

Even after this, they don’t end this fling. David plans to take Margot to Àvila, the small town he grew up in. Though he invites her, Margot doesn’t really say no to the invitation either because she wants to meet him too.

A Perfect Story ending explained in detail:

Does David learn the truth about Margot?

During their time in Àvila, Margot meets David’s best friends, hears some embarrassing stories from David’s childhood, learns the paso doble dance from David, and continues to get intimate with him.

The next morning, at breakfast, David’s friends ask Margot what she does for a living. Margot thinks it’s time to finally tell the truth. She confesses who she is, and David sums up why they were able to afford that expensive Greece trip.

Do David and Margot really part ways?

David is upset that Margot kept her true identity from him. Margot tells him that she was worried that this would have bothered him. David lets her know that it would not have mattered, but when Margot asks him whether he loves her, he is hesitant to answer.

For someone who says this difference wouldn’t have mattered, David tells Margot that he doesn’t have plans, a life, or anything to offer here. Hence, they can’t have this relationship.

Before parting ways for real this time, Margot gives David a lot of time to stop her from going away. It is shown that both of them moved on after that.

Margot became successful as the VP of Ortega Group. She moved to London, found love there, and came to meet David in his own flower shop three years later to inform him that she is in love with someone else. However, this is everything David only thinks about.

Do David and Margot end up together?

The truth is, David uses the time he has and stops Margot from going away. He lets her know that people will think he is with her for money. In turn, Margot assures him that people will also think she is with him because he is an amazing dancer.

Moving on, David ends things with Idoia and moves out of his best friends’ apartment to move into his own. Furthermore, having a relationship with Margot wasn’t a disaster after all.

He later joins Margot as they shift to London, away from Margot’s mother. In London, David starts his own flower shop called ‘Fly Margarita’, opposed to the name he believed he would have kept if he hadn’t stopped Margot that day.

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