A Part of You summary and ending explained

A Part of You is a poignant coming-of-age drama that follows Agnes Svan, a high school student who aspires to be like her popular and seemingly perfect elder sister, Julia.

Things take a turn for the worse when Julia passes away in an accident and Agnes has no idea how to cope with the loss.

It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Agnes is a quiet high school girl who is often seen as a nobody in the grand tapestry of high school life.

Meanwhile, her elder sister Julia basks in the limelight, adored by friends and dating the handsome Noel.

Agnes envies Julia’s life, yearning for the same admiration and social ease.

The story takes a dramatic turn on the eve of Agnes’s birthday, when she auditions for a play at school.

That same night, over dinner, Julia and their mother, Carina, argue about Julia attending a party with Noel.

Carina only relents on the condition that Agnes accompanies Julia to the party.

At the party, Julia breaks her promise to stay sober, indulging in alcohol and revelry, much to Noel’s disapproval and Agnes’s mixed feelings of indifference and admiration.

Amid the chaos, Agnes receives a notification that she has secured a role in the play.

However, her joy is overshadowed by a commotion outside. It is Julia, who, in her intoxicated state, argues with her friends and leaves the party in tears.

Noel, ever the responsible boyfriend, consoles her and goes to find Agnes, but in a tragic twist, Julia takes his car and drives off alone.

Her impaired state leads to a fatal accident, leaving Agnes and her family shattered.

In the aftermath of Julia’s death, Agnes struggles to return to normalcy.

She resumes her school routine and seeks solace in her best friend, Lydia, but the loss weighs heavily on her.

Carina, paralyzed by grief, becomes a shell of her former self, unable to maintain the household or her responsibilities.

The home environment slowly deteriorates, signalled by the lack of food in the fridge and an ever-growing pile of dishes in the sink.

Noel, grappling with his own guilt and sorrow, attempts to reach out to Agnes, but she keeps her distance, unable to face him or her own pain.

In an effort to feel closer to her sister, Agnes begins wearing Julia’s clothes to school, assimilating into Julia’s social circle.

She starts to emulate her appearance and behavior, gaining a newfound confidence but also masking her deep-seated anguish.

Her transformation is both external and internal; she attends parties, drinks, and smokes, adopting the persona she once envied.

At a party hosted by a friend named Sam, Agnes cracks a little as she drunkenly reminisces about Julia, leading to an argument with Lydia and a frustrated walk home.

Noel, who had been at the party, follows her out of concern and helps her clean up the house. They cook together, sharing a moment of solace in their shared grief.

As Agnes’s play rehearsals progress, her suppressed emotions begin to surface, making it increasingly difficult to focus.

Her relationship with Noel becomes more complicated as they spend more time together, culminating in a night where they sleep together.

However, the intimacy only amplifies Noel’s guilt, leading him to distance himself from Agnes, leaving her heartbroken and spiraling into a meltdown.

Ending explained:

Agnes’ downfall

Agnes’s downward trajectory continues as she lashes out at her drama teacher, gets drunk at home, and immerses herself further into Julia’s identity.

Her mother’s unexpected return catches her in a vulnerable state, resulting in a heated argument and Agnes storming off to a club using Julia’s ID.

At the club, Julia’s friend confronts Agnes about this facade and berates her for not even visiting her sister’s grave.

She runs into Noel and the two argue as well. These encounters force Agnes to confront the harsh realities of her sister’s life and death.

Noel’s admission of his struggles to protect Julia and his ultimate failure trigger Agnes, who is still grappling with the loss.

Julia’s secret

The breaking point comes when Agnes, back home, destroys Julia’s room in a fit of rage, uncovering her hidden struggles with mental health.

Reading through her old messages, Agnes learns of her sister’s anxiety and suicidal thoughts, a revelation that devastates her.

In her moment of despair, Carina steps in, offering the comfort and understanding they both desperately need.

Acceptance and healing

The next day marks a turning point for Agnes.

She begins to reclaim her identity, shedding the layers of her sister’s persona she had adopted.

She opens up to her friends, mends her relationship with Lydia, and rededicates herself to her role in the school play.

Visiting Julia’s grave becomes a cathartic experience, allowing Agnes to finally say goodbye and find peace.

Noel visits her before her performance and their relationship is shown to be on the mend.

The film culminates in Agnes’s performance in the play.

Her stellar portrayal is met with acclaim, showcasing her emergence from the shadows of her sister’s legacy into her own light.

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