365 Days: This Day summary and ending explained

365 Days: This Day follows Laura and Massimo’s relationship as the situation gets rough with the entry of a stranger who vies for Laura’s love.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

It’s the wedding day and Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone) are pretty soon going to be bound in holy matrimony.

Olga (Magdalena Lamparska) asks Laura whether she has told Massimo about her pregnancy. Laura tells her that Massimo can never know about it. Laura survived the attack on her but lost her baby. Laura knows Massimo and doesn’t want to give him a reason to kindle a vendetta.

In the presence of near and dear, Laura and Massimo become wife and husband.

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After returning from their honeymoon, Laura and Massimo find Olga and Domenico (Otar Saralidze) in a mess. Olga tells Laura that she has fallen in love. Later, Laura tells Olga about how she’s been feeling bad for Massimo who’s been trying his best for her.

As life returns to normal, Massimo must start focusing on his work more. But he starts becoming more controlling. Laura expresses her displeasure with Massimo’s controlling nature. Massimo retorts by saying that he’s just trying to protect her. He apologises to her instantly.

Things get more turbulent when the new gardener Nacho (Simone Susinna) makes his acquaintance with Laura. In their first conversation, Laura conveys how her life has become monotonous after her marriage to Massimo.

For Christmas, Massimo gifts Laura with her own clothing line. This makes Laura happy. Meanwhile, Domenico proposes to Olga for marriage.

In a conversation between Laura and Massimo, it’s revealed that Mario has retired after the incident with Laura in the tunnel. Massimo also reveals that he has a brother.

But before Laura could ask anything further, Massimo cuts her off and goes away. This makes Laura angry with him as he continues to avoid any conversations with Laura regarding the topic.

During a party, a miffed Laura sees Massimo around Anna (Natasza Urbanska). Going after them, she finds Massimo having sex with the woman. Not able to stand what she has witnessed, Laura leaves the party.

But just as she was about to leave, Nacho arrives in a car. Laura asks Nacho to take her away. Later, she expresses her wish to go away from Massimo.

Nacho tells her that he’s leaving for home in a few hours and they can get a ticket if Laura’s ready. Laura calls her mom and tells her that she was right about Massimo. Laura leaves a message that she will be going away for some time. Nacho takes Laura to his father’s home.

Laura’s mom confronts Massimo about the message she left her. She slaps Massimo which angers him. On the other hand, Laura and Nacho are joined by Nacho’s pregnant sister, Amelia.

Anna tries to woo Massimo in a bid to reunite the two families. Massimo blames her for Laura’s departure. Even though she misses Massimo, Laura feels comfortable with Nacho. They both grow fond of each other.

If you have any doubts about the ending, here’s a complete breakdown.

365 Days: This Day ending explained in detail:

The estranged brother

It’s revealed that Anna has joined hands with Massimo’s twin brother Adriano who led Laura to believe that Massimo was cheating on her.

In the night, an attack on Laura is thwarted by Nacho. Before waking up from the disturbance, Laura was dreaming about indulging in sex with Nacho.

The next day, Laura asks Nacho about the man who tried to enter her room. Nacho puts it off saying it was just a random break-in. Laura questions Nacho about his wealthy lifestyle even after being a gardener. Nacho tells her that it’s his father’s money and he’s been trying to become independent.

To improve Laura’s mood, Nacho takes her to a beach where they spend a good time together.

Massimo is still looking for Laura. Domenico tells Massimo that they were not able to find Laura. While teaching Laura surfing, Nacho kisses Laura.

Massimo receives a video from somebody. He asks Domenico to get the men ready. On the other side, Nacho tells Laura that they will meet his father today and Massimo will be present.

The missing piece

Laura confronts Nacho about his real identity. Nacho reveals his true name to be Marcelo “Nacho” Matos, son of Don Fernando Matos who’s the head of the local mafia and a rival of Massimo’s family. Laura realises her mistake, but Nacho tells her that his feelings for her weren’t fake.

Laura asks Nacho to take her to the meeting so the games could finally end. At Don Fernando’s house, Nacho and Laura separate as the don’s men take charge of Laura.

Don Matos tells Massimo about his concerns regarding Massimo’s expanding business and takes responsibility for the attack on Laura in the tunnel. Don Matos intends to replace Massimo with his brother who’s more controllable because of his blind greed. Massimo questions Don Matos’ integrity for using Laura in such a manner

Don Matos tries to pacify Massimo by telling him that Laura is safe with his personal bodyguard, Miguel. But Nacho tells his father that Laura was taken by Enrique and another bodyguard. Sensing something fishy, Nacho and Massimo head to find Laura.

The final separation

Laura meets Adriano. Not recognising the difference, she tells him that he’s the biggest mistake of her life. Adriano reveals his true identity.

Just as Adriano reveals his plan to get rid of Massimo, Anna makes an appearance. Nacho and Massimo come to Laura’s rescue in the nick of time. Laura realises that Anna and Adriano also played a role in making sure she ended up with Nacho.

As Adriano was telling Massimo about how his and Laura’s baby died in the accident, Laura manages to free herself from Adriano’s clutches. But she is shot by Anna who herself gets shot by Nacho.

Adriano tries to shoot Massimo but gets taken down instantly by him. Nacho decides against shooting Massimo and leaves. A shocked Massimo heads towards Laura and cries while he embraces her bleeding body.

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