36 Farmhouse (2022) summary and ending explained

36 Farmhouse’ follows a father and son duo who enter a farmhouse with ulterior motives. However, they soon learn of a bigger plot brewing within the farmhouse orchestrated by their rich masters.


Lady Padmini Rajsingh, who is quite ill, upon her death, plans to bequeath the 36 Farmhouse and the surrounding 300 acres land to her eldest son, Raunak, who lives with her. Her other two sons, Gajendra and Birendra strongly disagree with this decision and have sent a lawyer, Pratik Kakkar, to convince her and rewrite the will.

Set in the early days of India’s first Covid related lockdown, the story follows Jai Prakash (Sanjay Mishra) and his son Harry (Amol Parashar) as they both coincidentally end up in 36 Farmhouse, on the way back to their village.

Jai Prakash crosses paths with one of the staff members of the farmhouse who agrees to recruit him as a cook on the condition that he has no family. He lies that he is indeed a bachelor and arrives at the farmhouse.

As Harry is waiting for the bus, he meets Antra, who is the grand daughter of Lady Padmini. They have already met in a fashion show so she takes him to the farmhouse, to help her with a project.

There is an investigation going on about the missing of Pratik Kakkar who had last been seen in the farmhouse. The police search the farmhouse but find nothing. This chaotic atmosphere induces panic and worsens Lady Padmini’s health.

Mithika, Lady Padmini’s daughter in law, comes to the farmhouse to try and convince her to change her will as they fear that she might pass away anytime now.

Meanwhile, Jai Prakash’s wife makes it to the farmhouse and reveals that he is not a bachelor. So, Raunak decides to lock him and his wife in a room.

After a pep talk from Harry, Lady Padmini addresses her whole family on her birthday. She expresses for the first time how displeased she is with how her children have handled the family business and relationships. She thanks Antara and Harry for this final joy in her life. As everyone is enjoying the party, the police arrive to arrest the person behind Pratik Kakkar’s missing.

36 Farmhouse ending explained in detail:

What happened to Pratik Kakkar?

A heated argument about the will led to a scuffle during which Raunak threw Pratik into the farmhouse well. The police officer in charge of the case explained that Pratik hid in the well as he was alive. His mask got stuck in a plant while he was getting out and the police had recovered this mask in their search.

The police officer further revealed that it was Gajendra who brought Pratik to the farmhouse in his car. When he returned all bloody and beaten, Gajendra decided to take him to the hospital, but on the way, he changed his mind. He killed Prateek as he knew that Raunak will be the one to get accused of the murder.

The police arrest Raunak and Gajendra, along with Mithika, who has been aware of Gajendra’s plan all along.

The father-son duo

When Harry learns that his father and mother have been locked in a room, he rushes to free them and flee. Before leaving, he does admit to Antra that he has been lying and he is actually the cook’s son.

While heading back to their village, Jai Prakash proudly shows his wife and son the diamond bangles he has stolen from the farmhouse.

5 months later

As Harry is working in the fields, his sister shouts that he has a phone call from Mumbai. It is Antra, who has called to inform him that Lady Padmini has passed away and bequeathed all her property to a charitable fund.

Antra invites Harry to Mumbai to work with her on a huge project as her partner and he accepts the offer.

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